Makai Hongi – 222

Chapter 222

I tried hitting the pillar of light.
“…It’s hard.”

A long time ago, I had hit a block of concrete that had been used in a dam. It was a similar sensation.
Hitting it normally would not be enough to make a single scratch.

It would probably be the same if I used magic. Not that I could do that.

The barrier of holy power was already up.
If I wanted to break it from the outside, I would have to hit it with an equal amount of strength.

“I’m surprised that General Miralda was able to break it.”

I doubted that Enra just happened to make a weak barrier.
It broke because the General had transformed and used her entire body to ram into it.

“Still, it must have been a simpler version of this one.”

This barrier had been made in order to defeat a Demon King.
And so it would have been made to withstand a Demon King’s attacks.

In other words, it was the most powerful kind of barrier.
They would be very confident that it was indestructible.

“Tsk… Hehehehe.”
It was a strange laugh.

What I was about to do would be like a magic trick.
Something that should be impossible for a resident of the Demon World. Even for the celestial beings, it would be unknown.

“But the guys that came down from the sky seem to be different from the ones that came last time.”

I doubted that they were from Enra.
They weren’t wearing the matching arm bands. And I had never seen them before.

Perhaps they were the ones who defeated Demon King Bardodo, or a rival organization.

Apparently, there were struggles for power in the Celestial World as well, but the Demon World had no idea how things were moving.
There was no way for us to keep tabs on each organization.

“…Well, none of that is important right now.”
I just wanted them to know how unlucky they were, as they were now going to be the targets of my revenge.

For a while now, I was staying perfectly still.
In my past life, I would have called this ‘schooling the mind.’

I had not done it since being reborn.
I wasn’t even sure if I could, but I could do something similar.

And I would be using mana
The idea had come to me as I was sending the mana throughout my body.

‘…What if I could use this?’

I had nothing better to do when I was in the tower, and so I continued to try and manipulate the mana.
Thanks to that, I was able to handle it quite well now.

You could do more with mana than just make it course through your body.
I was able to fire it directly as well.

“It was a shock the first time I did it.”
I had tried shooting one of the pillars in the tower.
I touched it and then fired.

The result…the pillar crumbled without a sound.
Not only that, but it had happened from the other side of the pillar.

The mana had left my hand and been absorbed into the pillar. And when it reached the other side, it exploded.

Of course, Yorba berated me terribly after that.
Which was no surprise, as those pillars were important.

“…I think it’s time now.”
I put one hand on the pillar of light.

As for why I just used one hand, it was because it was easier.
Using two hands at once was still too difficult for me.

After that, I imagined that I was firing off the mana in my body all at once, and then I unleashed it.

—There was no sound.

And the pillar of light seemed to be the same. It was just standing there.

“But what about the people inside?”

I had originally meant to use this trick during my fight with Tralzard.
By touching something directly, I was able to fill it with explosive mana.

So if I tried it on a low or mid-ranker, their bodies would likely explode.
While mana was power to residents of the Demon World, your body would not be able to handle it if there was too much.

I knew that well.
After all, my body was practically screaming every time I traded places with the other me.

The high-ranking races would likely be able to withstand one attack.
A second would make them unconscious.
And I was quite sure that a fourth or fifth would finally make them explode.

It would be like a pressure cooker.
Imagine putting that into someone’s body and taking off the lid. It would be difficult to survive that.

“…So what will the second hit do?”

This time, I heard a faint creaking from within.

“So it’s not enough. …Alright, I won’t hold back then.”

Three. Four. I worked the mana through my body and then fired it.

“Looking good.”
I could tell that it was taking damage.

And perhaps it was because I was sending my own mana inside, but I could now tell what was happening within.
I wondered if I would also be able to see inside a person’s body with this. It would be quite the new discovery.

“Let’s keep going.”
I fired into it three more times.

The barrier twisted noticeably.
It was feeling the pain.

“Hehehe…it seems to be working.”
They came here on their own, and caused all of this destruction. And so it was time for them to get a taste of what we felt.

Now it was just a matter of which hit its limit first, me or it.

…I braced myself. However, the barrier was undone in just two hits.

As for the resident of the Celestial World…he was writhing on the ground and his skin had changed color.

“…Ah, the mana must have gone inside of him.”

The fallen all had different color skin. Usually it was black or blue and sometimes green. But they were never white.

Apparently, it had something to do with the mana.
He must have been in tremendous pain, as he was flailing and rolling on the ground as if mad. It felt good to watch.

“So, what’s happening inside of the barrier?”

The barrier was being held up by three people.
And so it was unlikely that it could be maintained now that there were just two of them.

“Let’s see…”
When I looked, I saw one of them in the center, staring back at me with an expression of shock.

And in front of him…
“Old woman. That’s a lot of blood.”
Tralzard’s body was covered in wounds.

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