Makai Hongi – 14


◎ The Lookout Hill. Golan.


“…How boring.”


I had fallen asleep after defeating the enemy commander.

And before I knew it, it was morning.


I became frantic when I realized that I had missed the meeting, but the kobold, Rig, told me that they had been informed that I would be absent.

He was a very capable aide.


And Corps Commander Nehyor had even said that I should be allowed to rest.


That meant that all of my men were able to rest today as well. And so we were bored.


We would have to fight if the enemy attacked, but currently, there wasn’t an enemy in sight in the surrounding area.

As for the central army, I heard they were all staying quiet and just glaring up ahead.


“Since I have nothing to do, maybe I could go look around.”

While I had come to this battlefield, I really didn’t know anything about the enemy at all.


From what I heard from Rig, the person attacking us was working for Lesser Demon King Leninoth.

He had already swallowed up two countries and had gained tremendous momentum.


It was no wonder the commander was so strong.

He had been so strong that I had nearly lost the will to fight.


(…Well, to be precise, I hadn’t actually fought. It was the other me.)


The enemy was regrouping.

It would be best if we could be the ones pressing forward next time, but it likely wouldn’t be so simple.


According to Rig, the closest battlefield from here was the central army, which was led by Lobos, the wise wolf. And that was still several kilometers away.


Depending on how that went, Corps Commander Nehyor would come out, or the enemy would retreat.

“It means the Corps Commander has no intention of attacking the enemy’s main base.”


Defend, buy time, and survive until the enemy retreats.


Fighting had erupted all over the country, so taking too much time here could result in other countries invading them.

And so Leninoth would not take too long in making a decision.


“…Damn it. So this post-apocalyptic party was happening everywhere…hmm?”

As I walked, I discovered a town.


Why was there a town in a place like this?

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  1. Thanks for the chapter, i though that this victory would be usefull for him to grow his mana and get stronguer. Why didn’t he take the mana stone fo the enemy comander he just killed???

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