Makai Hongi – 40


My opponent was the Sirius.

This was harsh. Very harsh.

It was superior in strength and speed. Not only that, but it had more mana as well.

I tried fighting it, and I didn’t have a chance.

As it was on our ground and a defensive battle, there hadn’t been many enemies to come in.

That was the saving grace. Had we been on their side, we would not have been able to run away and would have been annihilated.

I thought about how we would have to fight from tomorrow.

“I heard the report. I suppose it’s too much for you after all, Lobos.”

“Hardly. I will definitely defeat him next time. Just wait and see.”

I couldn’t help but say, when Nehyor asked me about it.

It had been thirty years since I started working under him. But this was the first war. If I got traded without any accomplishments, it would put into doubt why I was even here.

I had to defeat the enemy no matter what.

But he was strong.

Lesser Demon King Leninoth had already swallowed up two kingdoms.

The Commander that was sent out this time was as strong as a Corps Commander.

Could someone like me really win?

It was with such worries that I attended the meeting.

“That was too bad, Golan. How do you feel about letting the enemy get away?”


Unless I was mistaken, Golan’s opponent was the Gigant Centaur.

He had overwhelmed it? It got away? What the hell?

I could understand if it was an ogre against a centaur.

But he managed to make a Gigant Centaur retreat?

Apparently, the attacks had been completely one-sided, and then the enemy ran away.

And considering what had happened to the Taiga, this man was definitely hiding something.

“They may not come back.”

Nehyor said when he knew that the enemy had fallen back by a whole kilometer.

Golan looked very serious. Perhaps he was angry about not being able to stop them.

This was bad. Very bad.

If things continued, my reason for existing would vanish.

I had to succeed tomorrow.

That Sirius was likely a young one.

It would know little of brute force tactics.

I would show it my strength. I will not lose to Golan.

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  1. Oh no. I get the feeling either he’s gonna die or screw up so bad that Golan will be ordered to go save him. I mean he’s trying to use brute force to win against an opponent he knows is much stronger than him. That’s something I’d expect from meatheads like ogres and not someone from a race called a Wise Wolf.

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