Cave King – 100


The chamberlain immediately took it to the throne room.

“I have a report! It is from Captain Roberto who guards the eastern seas!”

“Read it.”

The king muttered. And so the chamberlain read the report.

“Aye! According to information they heard from an Amolis vessel they were inspecting, Prince Heal is alive and well on the Sheorl Reef!”

Upon hearing these words, the princes and other nobles began to mutter.

They were all surprised that Heal was still alive.

However, the king noticed that the chamberlain’s hands were shaking as he held the paper.

“What is it? Did Roberto really send out a ship with such great haste, just to tell me something so insignificant?”

“N-no…there is more…however, I…”

“Tell me.”

The king said sternly.

The chamberlain bowed deeply and read the rest of the report.

“Prince Heal…has assumed the title of Emperor of Sheorl…”

The chamberlain continued to relay the information that had come from Berfalt.

How the island had developed greatly and that monsters were living together.

The others in the room could barely understand what they were hearing.

However, after a moment of silence, many of them became very red faced.

“Em-Emperor? And he’s living with monsters?! …This is treason!!”

“That bastard! Does he mean to lead these monsters and get his revenge!?”

Shouts of outrage rose in the air.

Among them, there were some who calmly insisted that there was no way that Heal could have survived on those reefs. 

Surely this talk of monsters and a World Tree were just lies.

However, Roberto was a man that could be trusted. And it was argued that he only ever sent information that was reliable.

Others suggested that Heal declaring himself to be Emperor meant little. He could not possibly be a threat to them.

And like this, the argument continued in the throne room.

However, amidst all of this, the king alone seemed to be smiling with pleasure.

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  1. This is it. He like how ballsy his son is. Probably not a real problem for heal. And in all things, sheorl wasn’t really their in the first place , it was nothing more than a rock they didn’t claim before sending him

  2. I really hope we don’t find out the king was actually good all along. I mean this is the guy who would have Heal punished by tying him to the outside of a really tall tower before eventually exiling him to a deserted island to starve to death. It’ll be hard to convince people that somebody who did all that isn’t a bad guy. I just want an actual enemy for Heal to destroy and not somebody secretly good that will peacefully resolve this.

    • Huh? The King didn’t order that. The princes and princess (his siblings) did that to him. The King never really got involved with Heal or interreacted much at all. What are you reading?

      • Two things:
        1: The princess was the only one of Heal’s family who never did anything to him.
        2: Even if the King didn’t specifically order that, do you think the princes would be allowed to have Heal tied to a tower on just their orders? No, that would just be infringing on the King’s authority so the only way they could do what they did would be if the king knew what they wanted to do and explicitly gave his permission for the princes’ to do all the things they do.

  3. Sent him to die on an island. No accepting him being a good father under any circumstance. He can go rot with his bastard kids.

  4. To the haters, my question is:
    What if the oracle is real?
    What if the king also had an oracle it something similar?
    What if the king being hard on MC is because he favored MC and wants him to toughen up?

    Going by how light and easy going the story is going this far, I believe the king is a good guy or at least neutral.

    • What oracle? I don’t remember any.

      Anyways nothing that the king has done that we know can be said to be so that Heal can toughen up. What does dangling him from the highest tower do in toughening him up? All it did was give Heal a fear of heights. Then he exiles him to Sheorl which everybody knows is deserted and has no drinkable water or wood to burn to make distilled water and yet he is sent there with only the minimal supplies to survive and only in limited amounts which would be used up quickly and lead him to starve and dehydrate to death soon. Heal isn’t Bear Grylls so he has no idea how to survive in that environment and he was never taught any survival skills. Maybe if the king had forced him to learn combat skills then I could see how being all harsh doing it is secretly to toughen Heal up but that never happened.

      The story is light hearted but there still needs to be villains like those dragonmen that tried to steal Heal’s stuff.

      • The oracle from the goddess or something like that in first chapter, that is why he sent Heal to Sherol Shore. For the tying him to high place isn’t that the MC brother who did it?

      • According to Heal or royal court rumors there was an oracle that Heal be given that land. The king followed it.

        Tying Heal from the highest tower as punishment were from his siblings or their servants. What would the king get anything out of it when his power is nearly absolute? Only the other princes and princesses would do something like that to each other when they are in competition for the throne.

        Even if the King did not order the royal navy to attack, the princess or princesses could bypass it and attack Heal instead. So there’s that.

  5. I dont know if all the comments about the king actually going to be a good father are right, even if he is smiling it doesn’t mean he’s smiling for heal. I think it means he’s happy he can go an conquer a new place, as heal said he had the conquerors ability for his army. No way we won’t be seeing the monster, slime, and golem army facing humans and the royal navy.

  6. I dont think the king is going to be a good guy, I feel like he was smiling cause he’s thinking he can conquer a new land with his conquerors ability. Now way we won’t be seeing a slime, monster, and golem army facing down the humans and royal navy.

    • I keep seeing a golem version of “The Turtle,” the submarine used in the American War for Independence.
      (FYI: Franklin proposed their use of a native luminous fungi for a light source. …y’know, Priestly an’ all…)
      They were attempting to drill holes in the Royal Navy’s ship hulls from below. …I never read anything to its efficacy, but the diagrams of its propulsion “system” looked like it’d play heck on your arms. …Might’ve not been a problem for a bloke who works on a bellows.

  7. Naw, at SOME point, Heal’ll finally tame one of those giant sea monsters, and make it ‘Head of Oceanic Reception,’ or something.

    “Hello,” spaketh the Old One, its tentacles writhing as if to conjure madness, “what a small fleet of a thousand warships. Would anyone like to parlay?”

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