Cave King – 98


As I spoke, Fule, who was listening next to me, also opened her mouth.

“That’s right. You and the other slimes are always helping us. When we goblins didn’t get along with the kobolds or orcs, you always acted as a mediator.”

Mappa also stepped forward and nodded with folded arms.

Unlike the other races, Shiel and the slimes had worked hard without saying anything. And so the monsters were very grateful towards them.

“Yes. And so, Shiel. We are going to help you.”

Upon hearing this, Shiel started to shake weakly and then she bowed.

“All of you… Thank you so much.”

“Don’t mention it. Anyway, today we should lock the area that the Chimera came out of. We won’t be able to go anywhere until we prepare.”


Shiel said, and Fule shouted ‘Aye!’

However, Shiel suddenly seemed like she noticed something, and she pressed one of the bumps on the machine.

“…Now that I think about it, Lord Heal. This…”

“This …Woah?!”

Suddenly, a part of the floor opened up and something like an altar with a glass case appeared from within.

What was on top of the altar was…


It was a golden crown with ornate flowers and trees carved into it and adorned with colorful jewels.

Mappa’s jaw dropped and he looked deeply moved.

As he was a craftsman himself, it must be something that was especially beautiful.

“Yes. It is the crown of our empire. There are crystals inside and it will allow the wearer to use all sorts of magic.”

“Ah, you’re right…it must be very powerful…”

I could feel that the crown had magic power that was similar to my own.

Shiel continued.

“Lord Heal. It was my hope that you would use it.”

“Me-me!? But it’s a crown… Besides, isn’t it yours, Shiel?”

“I am your servant, Lord Heal. I am in no position to be wearing a crown. Besides, I feel that you will at least make good use of it.”

“I-I’m glad you think that way, but…”

“…Of course, if the idea does not please you, it can be taken apart and you can just use the crystals. If it will help you and the others, I do not mind.”

“No, you can’t destroy something so beautiful…”

It was a wonderful work of art. It could not be dismantled.

Mappa then stood between me and the crown, as if to say he would protect it from any such outrage. 

I too thought it should be left alone until Shiel could return to her original form…

However, Shiel was right. If it was that powerful, it would be very useful to the island…

“…What if someone else wore it? If it was during an emergency?”

“Of course. Do what you want with it. Aside from that, there are other treasures as well.”

Shiel pushed more buttons and took out a golden scepter, orbs and various weapons and armor that would be fit for a lord.

“The gold and jewels are decorations. Inside, they are made of Mithril and crystals.”

“Th-that’s amazing…”

“I only wish there were Teleportation Stones as well. But they are in storage, and I can’t bring them out from here… Ah, and there is this.”

Shiel said as she showed me a glass vial with a transparent liquid inside.

“It looks like water…what is it?”

I asked. And Shiel shook it a little.

And then the liquid went from clear to green.

“It changed color!?”

Fule’s eyes widened.

While Mappa knew all about different kinds of ore, he looked shocked as well when he saw it.

And then Shiel shook it again and the liquid turned red. However, now it seemed to solidify, as it would not move anymore.

“This is called Ryukin. It allows you to change not just something’s color, but also the shape and texture.”

“Huh… So, could you make something like a real apple with that?”

I asked. And Shiel nodded.

“Yes. While it is metal, you can make things that resemble living creatures and plants.”

“Oh… I can’t think of any uses for it, but it’s pretty amazing.”

“Yes. It’s a very rare metal that doesn’t exist on the surface. There should be more of it if we can reach the storage house…”

“Well, perhaps we’ll find a use for what we have now… Thank you, Shiel. I will try and use everything here without taking it apart.”

“Yes! I’m glad that they can be of use!”

And so we decided to return to the surface.

However, on the way back, we heard the sounds of the alarm that warned of visitors from the sea.

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  1. I feel this story is similar to Detective Conan, there’s trouble every chapter 😀
    Thanks for the awesome translation! God blss you!

  2. So this Ryukin metal can turn into other things eh? I wonder if it can be used to make new bodies for the dwarves and others who’ve lost their original bodies? Or if the metal can copy the special properties of other things then they could turn it into evolution stones and resurrection stones. They don’t need an intact corpse in order to resurrect someone. Mappa was resurrected from just a skull.

  3. For me I see Ryukin as like this, if any case it can turn back to original state (liquid water), it may be used as a shape shifting golem? That would be good Terminator reference there!

  4. I pray to god that mc has some sort of character development in the near future. I swear he is so damn pessimistic, he has some sort of inferiority complex and doesn’t wanna be someone greater than his father even though he has the whole island relying on him and putting their faith on him as their king. He’s also afraid of fighting stronger enemys when he could easily use all the magic stones to make his magic godly and create 100 golems exactly like the mappa golem or even bigger. I don’t care if the father has a fleet of 1000 battle ships, they are not winning against 100s of collosal titan mappas and a mc who could easily freeze the sea if he consumed all the magic stones. Yet mc doesn’t want to do that and wants to remain weak???🤦‍♂️

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