Cave King – 99

Chapter 99 – A Familiar Face!!


The sound of the bell that announced the arrival of a ship. I have heard it many times now.

And yet I never get used to it.

Who on earth could have come?

A royal ship? A different one entirely? Or a monster ship…

In any case, we would have to be very careful.

When I arrived on the surface by train, I immediately looked towards the sea that spread out before us.

Yes, there was indeed a ship in the distance.

This one was on the smaller side. They were called schooners.

While they could not carry as much cargo, they were easier to control and were a popular ship for merchants who were not rich.

“A trading ship…?”

As I watched the ship, Rienna came next to me.

“Lord Heal! Preparations have already been made for the attack. What will you do?”

“I see… However, that doesn’t look like a battleship.”

The navy also used such ships for reconnaissance and sending messages, but not attacking.

And it was just one ship.

“Miss Kamyu said the same thing. And so we’ve been waiting for your orders. The General and the others are waiting by the wharf and are prepared to fight back if need be.”

As Rienna said, the island’s defenses were all in position.

We didn’t even need to use magic. The ballista could sink that ship.

“Ships that do not have flags cannot blame anyone if it’s assumed they are pirates and are attacked without warning…”

These seas were still Sanfaris territory.

It was strange that any ship here would not have a flag raised.

In that case, were they pirates?

Well, it was possible that it was a royal navy ship that had come to investigate us.

“However, what if it really is a trading ship, and they happened to have lost their flag somehow… Hmm?”

On closer inspection, I saw that a white flag was being waved from the ship.

“I guess they aren’t hostile at least… In any case, we should talk to them.”

And so I decided to send out a boat so they can board and inspect the ship.

Kamyu, who knew a lot about ships, would go, along with Baris and Haines.

Even if they were attacked, Kamyu and Baris would be able to use magic to escape.

With Kamyu’s knowledge and Haines’s sense of smell, they should be able to find anything that was suspicious.

As I waited for them on the wharf, Baris was the first to return while flying.

He landed in front of me and fell to one knee.

“Baris. What happened?”

“They are humans. From the Barleon Principality that became before. Apparently, they are merchants.”

“The principality…”

Then why weren’t they using their flag?

While Duke Barleon had been arrested, the country itself still remained.

I didn’t know if they meant to yield or resist Sanfaris. But neither of those was related to raising a flag.

The only reason I could think of was that they had some reason to stay hidden from royal ships…I guess.

“…Did you find out why they are here?”

“They say…that they want to meet you, Your Majesty.”

“…They came to see me.”

So they know about me…and that I am on this island.

Perhaps they had servants from one of my brothers. But what reason could they have…

“Yes… They are already waiting in the small boat.”

Baris turned to the sea.

The boat that we had sent out had already returned.

I saw that there was a human inside that wore a wide brimmed hat that covered her face.

Judging by her dress, she was a noblewoman.

“…What’s her name?”

“She said she will not say until she meets you.”

“…Very well. I’ll meet with her.”

This island’s existence was already known.

So there was no need to hide the fact that I was its representative.

‘As you wish,’ said Baris, as he headed to the boat. It was then secured to the wharf and the woman came onto dry land.

I stood on the wharf and greeted her.

She stopped in front of me.

Who could it be… Ah.

She removed her hat and I recognized her at once.

We had not met for a very long time, but the platinum hair was difficult to forget.


“Heal. It has been a while.”

Leila… Duke Barleon’s daughter and my former fiance.

The woman who had gone missing when Kamyu returned.

“Why… Why are you here?”

She answered coolly.

“Why? Does it really matter? Do I need a reason to go anywhere?”

“I-I guess not… But considering what is happening to your father…”

“I know all about that. That’s why I ran away. Surely you know about my ambitions?”

Yes, she had always had ambitions.

–To resurrect the empire herself.


The Cave King will live a Paradise Life -Becoming the strongest with the mining skill?-

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