Cave King – 99


It wasn’t because she wanted to be an empress or to acquire power.

She dreamed of the Barleon Empire because it was said to be a golden age, where all of the races lived together, hand in hand.

I had always admired her for this ambition, and had always believed it to be quite impossible.

However, it was very likely her influence that I was raised without a hatred for monsters.

“To be honest, when I heard that you had been exiled to this place, I sent a ship to find out the truth. It was just casual interest though…”

“So, that ship that came before was…”

The ship that had appeared near our shore.

It had been sent by Leila.

That being said, who sends a ship out for such a reason… It would require a crew and a lot of money. And a place as far out as Sheorl would be especially difficult.

“Yes, I sent it. But they saw a giant tree, monsters and someone who appeared to be human. And so they returned. How could I not want to come and see when I heard about this? After all, Sheorl was supposed to be a pile of rocks.”

Leila said as she glanced over to the World Tree.

“Ha-haha… I suppose.”

Indeed, it was a scene that you would not see anywhere else on the continent.

Aside from sightseeing, this would look like the ideal island for someone like Leila.

“…But, you said you wanted to see me.”

“Th-that…I just thought it would make things easier.”

She stumbled on her words for a moment but quickly regained herself.

Perhaps her original plan had to send a ship and save me…

Leila was very kind. But a little stingy.

“Thank you…Leila.”

“I-I haven’t done anything to deserve your gratitude… More importantly…I was very, very surprised.”

“That I was living on this island? Well, even I was…”

“No, that’s surprising too… But I never thought you would revolt against the king of Sanfaris.”

“Huh? No, I don’t have any intention of fighting…”

Indeed. If my father knew I was living with monsters, he would probably consider it an act of rebellion.

However, I didn’t want to go to war.

I just wanted to live here in peace.

But Leila sounded quite happy as she continued.

“…You are trying to create a place that embodies my ideals, aren’t you? In that case, I shall help you.”

Leila then opened a treasure chest that she had the goblins unload from the ship.

It reminded me of what I had recently seen underground.

A crown and a scepter.

Only these were originally from the Barleon Empire.

So to be precise, they were the crown and scepter of an Emperor.

“The sacred treasures of the Barleon Empire. If you want to call yourself an Emperor, you will need a degree of legitimacy. I think these will help you in that regard.”

“Wa-wait! I don’t intend to call myself Emperor!”

Leila looked astonished.

“What? …But Baris over there. He just called you His Imperial Majesty.”

“Ba-Baris did?”

I immediately looked at Baris, who stood next to me.

He looked at me with a puzzled expression.

“…Baris. You must not tell jokes.”

“Aye… But I have never joked in my life. Did we not decide that it would be you, Lord Heal, who would lead the Sheorl Empire as its Emperor?”


Had anyone ever told me of this?

Had I talked in my sleep and said, ‘from today, I am the Emperor!’?

However, Baris replied with a very serious expression.

“The Princess is of the royal Berdan line. Ril is also a princess of the Tibris tribe. Both are as good as queens, as they are the last of their families. Since you stand above them, you cannot be king, Lord Heal… Was that not something we agreed upon?”

I did remember having a meeting with Baris and the others about the future of the island.

And they had all acted strangely when I said I didn’t want to be king.

That it would be rude or unfitting to be king, given the balance of power.

I had assumed they were talking about my relationship with my father…

However, it was now clear that there was a big misunderstanding.

King was not a fitting title for me. That was because they didn’t think I should be equal with Rienna and Ril. And so if I was Emperor…

“Baris… That wasn’t what I meant at all. I was trying to say that everyone should be equal on this island. It should be a republic.”

“Wh-what… I am terribly sorry. So that is what you were thinking… Ah! Then…”

Baris’s face turned pale.

“What is it, Baris?”

“The letter that Berfalt took to the Dragon Kingdom…”

“Don’t tell me you…”

When the letter reached the Dragon Kingdom… No, Berfalt himself would tell the Amolis republic all about this island.

What country it was and who ruled it.

“Yes. It would say that it’s from Emperor Heal of the Sheorl Empire…”

I fainted right then and there.

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  1. Lol, probably first time Heal fainted. The timid one suddenly has to be emperor, and can’t really blame anyone since it was a misunderstanding, no wonder his mind took a break. Still, quite a few princesses there, though Leila should be a duchess? Oh, and Shiel should be an empress or former empress. Man, quite the assortment there.
    Thanks for the chapter! Awesome translation! God bless you!

  2. Wha? I don’t fully know why leila wanted to come to the island. If her father was arrested she should have just plainly said she was running instead of basing her ideals on the place she had never known about. Awesome chapter btw

  3. Sounds like Leila gets easily embarrassed. Look at her trying to use the resurrection of the Barleon Empire as an excuse for why she wants to meet Heal.

    However if she knows about Heal’s supposed revolt against Sanfaris then his asshole father should know about it too.

    It is funny that Heal just found out about being labeled an emperor though.

    • Maybe she thought he was revolting since baris called him “emperial majesty” …?
      Could be misunderstood as Sheorl wanting independence from sanfaris

  4. Fufufu. A Jp novel isnt complete without misunderstandings~ or miscommunications. Like a certain M-kun who wants to be a student but suddenly became a teacher. Or a certain S-kun who thinks he would be Honorary Baron but became Viscount xDDD

  5. This island have to many royals
    Heal a prince
    Mappa a prince
    Riunna a princess
    Riel a princess
    Ares a princess
    Shiel a Empress
    Bee Queen is a Queen

    Leila is a Duke’s daughter a former empire and al suspect that Mel is a princess too.

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