Cave King – 125


However, I had not expected it to be today.

For a second, I felt something like panic.

Still, knowing that this day would come, we had been making preparations.

As the lord of the island, I had to remain calm.

Rienna and the others must have sensed that something was wrong, as they stopped practicing and came over to us.

“Lord Heal. Has something happened?”

“Everyone, listen. A Sanfaris ship is approaching.”

I replied to Rienna. And then the giant Mappa Golem seemed to have spotted the ship, as it started to wave to us.

At the same time, a bell was rung from the watchtower. It was the order for everyone to prepare to defend the island.

I had told them all what the Sanfaris flag would mean.

And so if a royal ship were ever to arrive, they should be ready to fight.

Those who could not fight would go to the caves, while the others grabbed their weapons and rushed towards the wharf.

Erevan came up to us while carrying axes in both hands.

“Chief! Have they finally come?”

“Yes. There’s no doubt about it. It’s the royal flag. However, something is strange.”


Erevan asked. And I looked through the telescope again and inspected the ship.

“It’s in a terrible state. It would not be strange if it started to sink right now… Did they lose a sea battle earlier?”

However, if there was any battle at sea in these waters…it would either be a pirate or a monster.

But this was a battleship. The strongest ship in the royal navy.

How could it lose so badly…had they fought Kamyu?

No, Kamyu would not have allowed them to escape and get so close to us.

She would have chased them back to the north.

In any case, they were coming towards Sherol now.

I didn’t know what they wanted, but judging by their condition, they would want to land as soon as possible. It was clear just by how fast they were going.

As for the person responsible for it, it was likely the person who stood in the front and was using wind magic.

It was so strong that Elto noticed it immediately.

“Apparently, someone with very powerful magic is aboard…”

Someone with the ‘Sage’ crest perhaps… It made it even more odd that they had been pushed to this point.

Erevan turned to me.

“Chief. What should we do?”

“In their current state…we cannot attack them. We’ll let them anchor the ship close to the wharf, and I will go to them by boat.”

Then I turned to the others.

“The rest of you should wait here and in the shape of humans. Of course, be read to attack the ship if necessary.”

They nodded, and then I got into the boat.

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    • Hey I know you 😀
      And Heal seems to be a pacifist, which will work out for him (due to his geographically isolated nation and super weapons).
      Hopefully this will teach him that not everyone deserves a safe harbor though

    • not really, the one he must blow is the royal, not the civilian or the crew who only do their job, so if they have not show hostility, it will be a massacre for two ,three target.

  1. A point to notice is how Elto talks about the ship twice, first time mentioning “drive” and the second time “magic” about the ship’s unnatural speed.
    Thanks for the chapter! Awesome translation! God bless you!

    • Yeah, I was wondering if the Marine Golems, who we’ve not heard about for a while, would have been taught to rescue ships in trouble. Other than that, perhaps there’s some monster that is scared of the people on the island that thought to drive this ship there.

      I was thinking it could have been the brother with the Sage crest but If that were the case why would he have remained so scared? Maybe I’m remembering the timing wrong…

      Thanks for all the hard work!

      • There are capable people on the ship.

        Sage brother is scared of the crazy amount if power he senses on the island.

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