Cave King – 5


However, it was quite rude of him to call me dangerous…

In any case, I had to tell them that I meant no harm.


“Wait a second. I have no intention of doing anything to you.”

“As if I can believe the words of a human!”


The General roared.


Humans were untrustworthy… I suppose these goblins were not on good terms with any humans.


Still, the Princess and the wrinkly goblin were desperately trying to stop the General.

It was quite possible that they at least wanted to avoid a fight.


“You must be plotting something… If not, why would you have been laughing at us!?”


I tilted my head to the side at this unexpected accusation.




I hadn’t been laughing at all…


I picked up Shiel and stretched its body out.

And then, Shiel reflected my face like a mirror.


What I saw, was a man with wide eyes whose mouth was curled up at the corners…

My mouth was always opened and my back was hunched.


Oh, now that was the image of someone dangerous.


If I looked like this while telling them I had no ill-intentions, who would believe me?


While it had only been a few days, I was here all alone.

And I had done little but swing my pickaxe like I was possessed.


Perhaps I was losing my humanity and turning into someone who enjoyed nothing but mining.


I shook my head in dismay and fixed my posture and facial expression.


“…Sorry about that. But more importantly, aren’t you hungry? If you want food, you can eat what I have here.”


Even after I said this, the General’s expression did not soften at all.


“…You poisoned it, didn’t you?”


Ah, I suppose he would be suspicious…

A human had creeped out of the shadows with a pickaxe and that smile.

Getting him to trust me might not be easy.


“Hmm. Alright, how about this?”


I pulled out some bread from the barrel and ate it in front of them.

And with my other hand, I offered some to the General… But he wouldn’t take it.


I had meant to prove that it wasn’t poisoned, but it didn’t work.


Alright then. I thought as I walked out of the cave and unleashed a mid-range lightning bolt into the sea.


Fish floated to the surface of the water, and I used Wind to blow them to the shore.

The five fish flapped around on the ground.


“What about this?”


I turned around and waved at the general with a fish in my hand. But he looked even more suspicious than before.


“If you can use magic with that much skill…why didn’t you kill us immediately? If you have to kill us, do it quickly!!”


Damn it… It seems that my magic only strengthened his distrust.

…Was I that bad at persuading people?


As I tried to think of something to say, the goblin that they called Princess suddenly exploded with anger.


“General! You are always so quick to judge… Uhhh…”



And then the Princess collapsed onto the floor.

The General quickly started to shake her.


“Princess! Princess! Please wake up, Princess!”


However, she did not open her eyes.

Next to them, the wrinkled goblin shook his head.


“…General. Unfortunately, the Princess has reached her limit. She’s already lost consciousness many times on the way here. It is without a doubt, due to the life-shortening curse cast on her since birth… Yes, perhaps this will the final resting place for all of us.”

“But… She is the last surviving member of our royal family…”

“That is true, but I cannot bear to see her suffer any longer… Don’t you agree, General?”


Tears fell from the General’s eyes, but still, he nodded.


“…Aye. A peaceful end is the only gift we can give her now. May her ancestors punish us in the afterlife…”


Ummm… Why were they suddenly plotting a mass suicide?


Uhh. And they seemed like they would be furious by an interruption.

Oh, right. There was something about a curse.


And so I quickly interrupted them.


“Hey, hold on! If it’s a curse, I might be able to fix it.”

“How dare you lie to us! We already tried everything! I have never begged humans before…and yet, it was still no use.”

“Well, well, there’s no harm in trying…”


And so I told the Advisor to use the Purification Stone I had recently acquired.

And then, the Princess’s body was enveloped in light.


“…Wh-what is this light?”


The General asked. I told him what I had learned from the encyclopedia.


“It’s called a Purification Stone and it’s supposed to be able to break all kinds of curses. But I’ve never used it before.”

“…A stone? Where did you get such a thing?”

“Oh, uh…”


That was going to be a long explanation.

Would they even believe me if I told them about the Inventory…?


“Ah, more importantly, you said her life-span was shortened, right? Wait a second…”


And so I decided to use the Turtle Stones as well.

I would keep 10 for an emergency and use the remaining 79.


Using the Turtle Stones didn’t result in any reaction or glowing light.

Instead, the Princess opened her eyes with a ‘Huh?’


“But…why? I thought that I had died… And also, my body doesn’t hurt anymore…”


The Princess sat up and blinked.

Apparently, the Purification Stone and Turtle Stones had worked well.


“Princessss!! I’m so happy!!”


The General cried as he rejoiced over her recovery.

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  1. When the general and old goblin said the princess was cursed, I initially was thinking that they had all been cursed to turn into goblins and that the purification stone would break the curse and turn them back into humans.

  2. But it’s only 79 days worth of life.. was i right? I turtle stone = 1 day ?

    Thanks for the chapter!! ❤

    • Yeah, but those 79 days were from only a few days of mining. If she lives with him for say 10 years then her lifespan is probably 30+, heck the more his level rises the greater the amount that can be mined will probably skyrocket.
      A full year could potentially equal her full original lifespan.

      • It’s mining though… you never know when you can get more of the same resources or how rare it is… that is a lot of potentially precious resources to waste on a goblin girl…

  3. Hmm he described her as a rounder goblin tho. Doesn’t that mean she’s a short fat goblin? Doesn’t sound like waifu material. Btw I REALLY want to see a picture of what he looked like when he first appeared in front of them. It sounds creepy from the description, but I’m sure it would also look hilarious.

    Thanks for the chapter!

  4. “How dare you lie to us! We already tried everything! I have never begged humans before…and yet, it was still no use.”

    feels like there’s a typo in this line? Maybe instead of ‘never’ it should be ‘even’?

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