Cave King – 42


However, there were no horses or donkeys to pull it…


I was a little confused, but Mappa just nodded as if to say that I should ride it.


“Alright…excuse me.”

“Ah, me too!”


When I sat down, Fule quickly took the other seat.

Shiel the slime and Ril the kobold baby also got in.


Upon seeing this, Mappa closed the door of the iron box.

And then he got into the one with the chimney, and started to move some levers.


And then…




The iron box started to move suddenly.


So, it really was like a carriage.

The iron box that we were riding in was being pulled by the box with the chimney.


As the monsters cried out in surprise behind us, the iron carriage continued to accelerate.

Apparently, it was moving along over the metal lines on the ground.


I couldn’t understand how he had accomplished it, but Mappa had done it again.

This meant we would be able to return to the surface without all of the hardships we faced earlier.


And it was so fast too.

Fast enough that I felt like we were being drawn by a horse.


“Wow! That guy doesn’t like to wear clothes, but his creations are incredible!”


Fule said excitedly.


Ril and Shiel seemed to be enjoying themselves too, as they were hopping up and down.


“Indeed… Mappa is amazing… But this…”


It showed no signs of slowing down.

It was less like a carriage now, and more like riding a horse… No, it was even faster than that.


At least there seemed to be a metal railing that separated the tracks from the rest of the tunnels where people walked, so no one would get run over…


Furthermore, there were pipes that traveled along the ceiling, much like the ones that carried water.

From what I could tell, these pipes had holes in at regular intervals that sucked in the smoke that emitted from the chimney.


In other words, he had put a lot of thought into creating this carriage… That being said, this speed almost seemed excessive.


And so I couldn’t help but turn to Mappa and say,


“He-hey. Isn’t this dangerous…? The wall!”


As we moved at breakneck speed, I saw a tight corner appear before us.


And while the tracks curved along it smoothly, I didn’t see how we could stay on the rails at this speed.


And so I immediately cast Barrier in order to keep us safe.

At the same time, I repeatedly shouted to Mappa. ‘Up ahead! Up ahead!’


However, the iron carriage maintained its speed and turned at the corner beautifully. 

Not only that, but it kept making sharp turns one after another.




The incomprehensible speed and the suddenness of the curves caused me to cry out loud.

However, Fule and Ril seemed to be enjoying themselves. They raised their hands into the air and screamed.


We hadn’t been riding it for a whole minute yet, and it was already going up the steep slope to the exit.

It was here that it finally slowed down, however, we were now close enough that we would reach the surface within a minute.


“Ahh…that was scary…”


I muttered.


But Fule looked very pleased as she replied.


“Oh, that was so fun! I can’t imagine how amazing it will be to go down this slope!”


Ril looked just as happy as her.


I could not agree with them at all… In any case, it was true that it was very useful.

Still…it would be difficult to get used to…uggghaahh…


As I held back the urge to vomit, I saw someone rushing down the slope at a tremendous speed.

It was the Mithril Golem…Number 15.


Seeing that it was ringing the alarm bell, there must be some kind of emergency.


“What is it? Did something happen up there?”


Number 15 nodded as we moved alongside it.


So, it seemed like something had visited the island again.


“I see… We’re going to the surface now. Go and tell the others.”


Number 15 bowed and then continued to go down the slope while ringing the bell.


Fule suddenly looked very serious as she turned to me.


“…What could it be?”

“Ah, I have no idea… Hmm? This…!?”


As we got closer to the surface, I detected magic from the sea.


And it wasn’t ordinary magic.

It was so vast that it seemed to cover the entire sea.


This was much larger than even the Leviathan.

It was as if the sea itself was magic, and it was pushing towards us.


What the hell was it?


I had barely been able to defeat the Leviathan.

If something else came that was stronger, I doubted I would be able to defeat it.

But more importantly, could such a large creature even exist in this world…?


When the iron carriage arrived on the surface, the first thing I saw were the red waves pushing in from the sea.

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  1. Awesome roller coaster ride…but damn the sea is not giving him a break. He has gotten awesome companions because of it, true, but he’s getting interrupted over and over again as well…he might as well consider just building a barrier between the two in another expansion of the island.

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