Cave King – 38


Apparently, both Fule and Baris could sense the presence of magic within them.


If they could sense the magic energy, that meant they acquired the skill that detected it automatically.

And you needed quite a lot of magical energy to acquire it.

So in other words, Baris and Fule would be quite capable when it came to using magic.


As his dream had come true after so many years, Baris was overjoyed. However, he quickly returned to himself.


“…Pardon me, Lord Heal. It seems that Kamyu has returned. We can test our magic some other time.”


Kamyu rejoined us, now wearing a shirt. And we all sat around the table.


“So, about this Substitute Stone… I really do think that using it as a Dragon Sphere Stone and bringing someone back to life is the best option? …The problem is…who…”


I said. And then Baris opened his mouth.


“If you are going to resurrect someone, I think it should be the kobold queen…of the Tibris tribe.”


Ashton and Haines looked very conflicted upon hearing this suggestion.


Ashton replied.


“It is something that sounds too good to be true… However, I am sure there are many who the others would wish to resurrect. And we have not contributed much yet….”


As Ashton said, many here on this island had lost family in wars.

And many of them would wish to bring their loved ones back.


“No, Ashton. I only made the suggestion with thoughts of the island. I have heard of how powerful the Tibris queen is, and that she can use magic. And I thought that she could do much in helping us.”

“I see… Perhaps you are right…”


The kobold baby was currently playing with Mappa and Shiel. If the queen were to return, the baby could reunite with its real mother.

And it would be a great thing for Ashton, Haines, and the other kobolds…

And Baris was probably right about her contributions to the development of the island.


After thinking about it for a moment, Ashton opened his mouth.


“…If I’m to be honest, I want to request that it be done as soon as possible. She was like a mother to us both. …However, would it not be better for the island if you saved the stone?”

“Indeed… One of us might die in the future.”

“Yes. I mean no offense…but if something happened to you, Lord Heal… It seems that keeping it would be wise.”


For my sake…


It was true that my own death would be a major blow for those that lived here.

I didn’t like to think about it, but the tribes would likely start fighting again.

After all, it wasn’t so much that they were loyal to me, but that I was an important part of the island.


Baris nodded.


“Yes, there is no need to use it immediately, just because you acquired it. Perhaps it should be kept as insurance for now.”

“I agree. Besides, you might find another Dragon Sphere Stone later and yet never find another Substitute Stone… So it should be kept for such an event.”


As Rienna said, it was possible that the Substitute Stone was much rarer.


What if I were to find a stone that was the only one of its kind in the world? This would be a replacement for that. So perhaps it was really the most valuable stone of all.

A stone better than the Dragon Sphere Stone… Perhaps a stone that could resurrect many people? If such a thing existed, we would regret using it now…


“…Very well. I think I will save it. Do you all agree?”


I asked, and they all nodded.


And like that, the precious stone returned to my pocket.


After that, we discussed finer details like individual roles on the island and the meeting came to a close.

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  1. I hope that Heal’s cave king crest would either evolve into a dungeon master crest, or help him become one. Merely digging into the ground can get boring after some time, but making a dungeon/labyrinth, that’s an interesting upgrade.
    Thanks for the second chapter! Awesome translation! God bless you!

    • He’s well on his way to becoming a dungeon master already. He’s got a menagerie of monsters under his rule and can make underground structures almost at will.

  2. 《After all, it wasn’t so much that they were loyal to me, but that I was an important part of the island.》

    Heal so dense!! DENSE DENSE DENSE~

    hehehe. Thanks for the chapter~ ♡

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