Cave King – 63


“Acts of aggression of any kind are strictly forbidden here. In any case, if you are going to continue to dig, I think that it would be safest if you head to this device first.”

“I understand. The location…it’s straight down from here.”

“Yes. There used to be stairs, which would have made the journey very easy… But when I searched for it, I saw that it had collapsed.”

“I see… Also, I wanted to ask you something. Did you know Taran?”

“Yes. Though, Taran was much smaller when we first met… Aside from humans, this was the last fortress for various other species as well.”

“Indeed… Well, I suppose Taran is a survivor from that time then.”

I said as I looked at Taran, who nodded in reply.

“Yes… In regards to that… As far as I am aware, they were all peaceful creatures. However, so much time has passed. I cannot promise that things haven’t changed.”

Taran and the cave spiders hadn’t attacked me when we first met.

However, that didn’t mean it would be the same with others.

“So, I might very well be attacked… I understand.”

“I am very sorry. I just do not know what is happening now… And I cannot give you anything that will be useful…”

“It’s fine. Besides, I just enjoy digging…”

Digging meant discovering the unknown. That was the reason that it was fun.

Though, I didn’t like to fight…

“Hehe. I thought you would say that, Lord Heal. Ah…I am running out of magic, which I need to talk…”

As Shiel started to be enveloped by light, her transparent hands reached towards my right hand.

“Lord Heal… Please continue to keep me by your side.”

Eventually, she turned into light completely, and only the slime remained.

“Shiel… Yes, I will.”

To this, Shiel answered by hopping around happily.

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  1. So this is how he’s gonna start a new nation. By unfreezing everybody he’ll have enough citizens to be considered a country.

    Welp that’s definitely a marriage proposal. New slime waifu get!

  2. This makes Shiel Heal’s third waifu candidate (Kamyu excluded).

    I would like Shiel to stay in her slime form and use an evolution stone if one is found to become a higher ranking species of slime like an infinitely evolving slime that analyzes the traits and abilities of creatures it observes and devours or the like, though I would not mind if that weren’t the case.

    That aside, these people should have pale white skin if they’re not the kind of people to spend their time on the surface.

    [Shield said.]
    * Shield —> Shiel

  3. so this is how he makes a nation, his father is going to regret having a bad relationship with him when he realises mc is the king 😂

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