Realist Demon King – 48


The only people who were as good as him were Mouri Motonari to the west, Amago Tsunehisa, and Houjou Souun from the east.


I had studied a number of other worlds in my past life. Especially Japan, and this name that was given to Sanada Masayuki was special to me.


I thought it was quite lucky in a way, and so I had had it spread. But it wasn’t surprising that Eve was worried.


“Word of a cowardly strategist will only make the enemy more cautious when dealing with you.”


She argued.

And so I told her the truth in order to calm her.


“It is not bad to spread such rumors about a strategist.”


I said first.


“Eve, let us pretend that there is a snake here. Yes, a crimson cobra.”


Talking about it was no fun, and so I used an illusion to place a red cobra on the desk.


Many women would have cried out at that point, but Eve was a demon. She had nerve.


She just raised an eyebrow and stood her ground.


Then she coughed coldly and breathed in.


Her shriek tore through the air.


Satisfied, I continued to talk.


“Well, such a powerful and venomous snake would usually strike fear into the hearts of people. No one would want to touch it or attack it, would they?”


“True. Though, a mongoose does enjoy attacking snakes.”


“Exaggerated tales of my strategies and power will prevent them from attacking me.”


“Yes, master.”


Eve seemed to understand me a little.


“Even without much trust, there are other benefits. If they fear us more than they should, they might even believe that illusory soldiers are real. They might believe that an empty castle is guarded.”


“So that is why…”


Eve bowed her head.

She was not one to stay quiet when she found a point to praise her master over.

And so she continued to say, ‘You are so wise, master,’ after that.

But she didn’t just stop there, which was proof of how brilliant she was.

She made a suggestion of her own.


“Demon King. Why do you not use the materials you took from Demon King Eligos and create a unit that specializes in intelligence?”


“That is a good idea. To be honest, the slimes I first summoned can only do so much.”


They were good at gathering information and played a part in my victories, but things would only get much worse in the future.


I needed better spies. Having assassins would really add to new dimensions to my plans.

I could do so much more.


And so I had Eve take stock of what was in our storages. I examined the list and determined what would be useful for summoning monsters that could aid us.



‘Hyouri Hikyou no Mono’

‘…a person whose inside did not match his outside, that his allegiance was fickle and not to be trusted.’ –wikipedia

The word ‘hikyou’ here is pronounced the same way as ‘coward.’

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