Strange Dragon – 25

Chapter 25 – Demon Bear Rumors

The White Demon Wolves were an especially powerful species among Demon Wolves, and this Demon Bear had hunted a whole pack of them.
That meant that this was an especially strong Demon Bear.

Not only that, but it was aggressive enough to hunt Demon Wolves in spite of there being other prey.
So it would be best to be prepared.

“It would be best if we could avoid any encounters entirely, but I doubt that is possible.”
“Then I will go and tell Victor.”

Kelly said. And then a voice came from behind us.
“It’s fine. I was listening to you.”
“Oh! Victor! Since when!”

Kelly was so surprised that she fell on her buttocks.
Then Shiro began to lick Kelly’s face.
Apparently, Shiro did not hate Kelly.

Victor helped Kelly back to her feet and said,

“Shiro. I want to ask you something. How many Demon Bears were there?”
“It was one bear.”
“…One. I see. That is frightening indeed. And when was the pack annihilated?”

Shiro said that it was quite a while ago.
But Shiro didn’t know exactly how many days it had been.
It could not be helped, as counting the days was not exactly a Demon Wolf tradition.

“Moon was big.”

Fio said cheerfully next to Shiro.
However, Kelly and Victor looked puzzled as they didn’t understand what she meant.
And so I thought about what Fio was trying to say.

“Hmmm. Fio. Are you saying that the moon was big when the Demon Bear attacked?”
“It was a circle?”
“And how many times has the moon been big since then?”
“It has not.”
“Thank you. That’s a great help, Fio and Shiro.”
I praised Fio and Shiro and patted them gently on the head.

Fio and Shiro wagged their tails happily.

“Victor. In other words, they were attacked on the night of the last full moon.”
“Last night was a new moon, so does that mean it was fifteen days, no, sixteen days ago?”
“That is likely.”

A little more than two weeks.
That was a long time for a wolf and human child to survive.

“Fio. Shiro. You leave that Demon Bear to us.”
“All you two have to do is eat until you’re full and then rest.”
“That’s right! Fio and Shiro, you must have ticks. I’ll wash you in the river, so come with me.”

Kelly said. But Fio and Shiro looked a little scared.
They didn’t like to get wet.
And the river water was especially cold. Even during the summer, it was surprising how cold it was.

As Shiro had a double coat, getting a little wet shouldn’t really be a problem.
However, with the way that Fio had been living up until now, getting wet would result in the rapid loss of body temperature and then death.
Even in the summer. So it would mean certain death in the winter.

Not only did Fio not have fur, but her clothes were just made of tree bark.

“Don’t worry, I will give you proper clothes once you are clean.”

Kelly said with a smile, but Fio still looked scared as she hid behind me.

“Theo wash.”

Apparently, Fio wanted me to wash her.
I suppose if she had to do it, she preferred someone that she trusted.
While Kelly had gained Shiro’s trust, she had not gained Fio’s yet.

“Theo wash.”

Fio repeated.

Perhaps it wasn’t bathing that was the problem.
It was just that they didn’t want to go in the cold river.
I wouldn’t want to do that either. So I understood how Fio and Shiro felt.

“Well, I think that I should do it. I am the monsterologist, after all.”
“Yes, and since Fio is a girl, it would be best for Kelly to do it…”
“You agree? Now, now, Fio and Shiro. The river is right over there.”
“Kelly, wait a minute. The river water is too cold.”
“That might be, but… Isn’t it more important to get rid of the ticks and fleas?”

Ticks and fleas could lead to diseases.
And then it would spread to Hippolius and me and everyone else.

“Victor. I’m sure we have a lot of plans for today… But would you mind if I dug a well first?”
“I don’t mind. A well is important for our life here. In fact, it is something that we need urgently.”
“Thank you. And I’ll make a simple bathing facility as well.”
“How many people will you need?”
“Hmm. It’s fine, since I’ll have Hippolius help me.”
“Very well. Then we will do the other work…”

And so Victor started giving out orders to the other Adventurers.
Apparently, Victor and the geologists were going to investigate the surrounding area.
It was important to find out which places had the best soil for planting crops.

“It’s possible that there are ferocious beasts, and even a Demon Bear out there, so please be careful.”
“I know!”
“And it’s no ordinary Demon Bear. This one hunted a pack of eight grown White Demon Wolves.”
“…What? Was it really a Demon Bear? Are you sure it wasn’t a dragon?”

The Adventurers were astonished. Of course, they were.
Such a vicious Demon Bear was not something that mere B-Rank Adventurers could handle.
In fact, even an A-Rank Adventurer like Victor would not be able to defeat it.

‘Hippolius. Defeat it!’
“All of you. If it comes down to it, Hippolius has volunteered to kill it.”
“That is comforting to know!”
“If it sees you, run away and shout loudly. Hippolius and I will then head to the scene.”

HIppolius cried powerfully and wagged its tail.

Now that the Adventurers had regained their courage from Hippolius’s words, they departed in order to begin the investigation.

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