Cave King – 46


“Very well… We will give up on trade. We currently have enough food and water. There is no need to force people to go out by ship.”


“It’s true that there is a danger, and I don’t want anyone to do what they don’t want to. This ship can be used for fishing.”

“Lord Heal…”


Kamyu and the orcs looked both happy and embarrassed upon hearing this.

They were grateful, but slightly ashamed as well.


“It really is a great ship.”

“Yes… If only there was a ship that wouldn’t sink no matter what happened. Then they would feel safe…”

“Even a ship like this could easily be sunk by the Leviathan… That’s why it’s scary… This is just wood after all.”


I started knocking on the ship to test its strength.


It felt very solid and durable. And yet the Leviathan would still break it easily? …Hmm. Wood?


And then I suddenly had an idea.


“…Hmm. What if we added metal sheets onto this ship?”


Yes. Yes! There was no need to make ships out of wood alone!

I didn’t like to toot my own horn, but it was a brilliant idea.


However, Kamyu and the orcs had strange expressions on their faces.


“Huh? Did I say something strange?”


Kamyu nodded.


“The strongest ship that you can think of, I suppose… It’s very typical. People who don’t know anything about ships always say that.”

“Oh… Uh, right.”


It was quite obvious now that I thought of it. There was a reason that ships were made of wood.

If you added sheets of metal over the wood, the ship would become heavier.

That meant it would lose a lot of its speed.


Which would mean you were more limited in terms of food you could carry.

There was no point in having a durable ship if it meant a longer journey and running out of food before you arrived at your destination.


We could also try making a ship out of iron from scratch, but it was apparently very difficult to make seamless iron sheets.


“Hmm. In that case, what about Mithril sheets? It’s much lighter than iron and also stronger.”

“That may be, but is it really so simple? Besides, I don’t want to think about how much Mithril that would require.”

“I’m sure Mappa can do it… Oh, there he is now.”


Mappa happened to be walking near me.

Apparently, there was something he wanted to tell me.

He pointed his thumb behind his back and told me to follow him.


“…In any case, the voyage can be postponed until everyone is mentally prepared. There’s no need to rush.”


I said to them, before following after Mappa.

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  1. thanks for the chapter
    why do i have a feeling that mappa is going show a motorboat made from mithril because he feels like the wooden boat is too primitive

  2. Metal ship, leave it to the one and only, the weird, perverted, and yet terribly awesome, the Mappa, the naked one (well, should be wearing at last some underwear by now… right?)
    Thanks for the chapter! Awesome translation! God bless you!

  3. They already had steam engine, the next legit move is probably iron clad (in this case mithril clad?). Now they just need to make and put some canon on it , sail to to nearby port and demand: ” By name of God and his majesty Lord Heal, we demand you trade with us or trade with our cannon!”.

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