Cave King – 56


Perhaps the seeds had been brought over by migrating birds. In fact, I saw quite a few birds resting their wings in the trees.

Though, I did find it a little worrisome that there was a Killer Bird near the top…


I also saw butterflies and insects.


However, it wasn’t shadowy and dark here.

Perhaps it was because the sunlight shined on the golden powder, but it was bright and mystical.


Ril and Mel had never been in such a place before.

They chased after bugs and jumped up and down.


“It’s so pretty… By the way, where is Rienna?”


As I looked around and tried to look for her, Number 15 came running in my direction.


It then fell onto one knee in an exaggerated fashion, and asked me to follow it.


“Is Rienna calling? Can you take me to her?”


Number 15 nodded and led the way.


As we walked, I saw that there were monsters gathering leaves and twigs from the World Tree.

It seemed like you could gather more here than on the ground.


There were even some who were gathering a golden liquid that seeped out of the branches into pots.

Was it sap…?


As we continued to walk, the horizon appeared from between the trees.

Apparently, this was where the forest ended.


As we got closer, I noticed that a woman with long black hair was standing there.

She…Rienna, turned and smiled happily at me.


“Lord Heal! That was very quick.”

“Yeah, I just bumped into Number 15 right over there. Still…”


What appeared before my eyes, was a field of flowers of various colors.


Nearby, there was a tree branch that had what I thought was sap, coming out like a small waterfall. The sound was very pleasant to listen to.


And when I turned my head, I saw the vast sea that stretched out…


This was like a paradise from legend… And there was even a woman who might as well have been a goddess.


She smiled at me again.


“Oh, yes! It was so pretty that I had to plant some flowers! I just planted the seeds that Number 15 brought for me. And look, they are already growing! What do you think?”

“Ah. It’s so beautiful that I don’t know what to say…”


Her face was… Wait, was the golden power affecting my head once again?


“Thank you, Lord Heal! In fact, I am planning to build you a mansion in this area!”

“A mansion? Uh, I’m fine. It would be a terrible waste for me to monopolize such a beautiful space…”

“But Lord Heal. You are the king of this island! It is not right for you to continue sleeping in those stone rooms like the rest of us…”


I suppose it was about setting an example… It made sense in a way. But I didn’t like to act all grand or like a king…


“I really am fine being with the rest of you.”

“Lord Heal…”


Rienna did not look in the least bit satisfied, but she quickly nodded with a smile.


“You really are kind.”


I felt a little light headed.

She was so cute… Oh.


While I smiled stupidly, Ril and Mel climbed up to my chest.


They had been playing so much that now they were tired.


I patted them gently and they quickly began to doze off.


“They both look so serene.”

“We had a busy day. They’re tired.”

“They are still babies, after all.”


Rienna said as she picked up a bag that was nearby.


“You must be tired too, Lord Heal. I brought some food with me. Would you like to eat?”

“Ah, I was just starting to get hungry.”

“Good! I have some fish that was steamed in the leaves of the World Tree, and some lemonade!”

“That sounds delicious… Alright, let’s eat lunch!”



Thanks to the beautiful scenery, all feelings of nausea were blown away.


And so I sat down with Rienna and Shiel, and we took in the view while enjoying our food.

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    • It might’ve been a waste for a mansion to be built up so high for Heal, especially with his fear of heights.

      Also, there exist trees growing on top of trees like small forests in real life, too! They’re not as mystical as in this fantasy world, but they’re still quite fascinating nonetheless!

  1. He’s the cave king not the tree king. His waifu just wants a mansion in the tree because she knows she’s going to get to live in it. Go with the other girl!! She likes caves too!. Actually, you’re king. Take both.
    Thanks for the hard work!

  2. He likes it inside of the cave rather than on top of a giant tree (with his fear of heights LOL). Better just re-style his bedroom inside the cave into a luxurious masters bedroom :3

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