Cave King – 19


I looked at the newborn Rienna carefully.

Of course, it wasn’t in a shameful way.

I was just thinking about how different she was now from that short goblin I knew.


…Hmm? Right. The Golems didn’t have to be huge, did they?


Maybe all of the Golems I had seen up until now were just oversized, but there was nothing wrong with there being smaller ones.


If I made them human-size, we could just make the sword and armor small too.

Mappa could melt down the Mithril and create newer, smaller equipment.


If they were smaller, they would be able to move freely in the tunnels and we can save on Mithril.

The extra Mithril could be used to make shields for them to protect everyone.


“…Alright, it’s decided!”


I had 14 Heart Stones in my Inventory.

And 10 Magic Stones.


As I said, the 10 Golems with Magic Stones in them would be used to guard the tunnels.


The other 4 Golems could help protect the outside.

They could also help with carrying things and other work.


I could always alter them later, so that would work for now.


And so first, I made a normal, human-sized Golem that didn’t use a Magic Stone.

If the original large Golem was Golem I, then II to V were all human-sized.


Golem VI to XV would have the Magic Stones embedded in them.


However, I changed my mind once I reached the final Golem.


I suddenly felt a little playful.

What if I made one out of Mithril instead of Rock?


I had remembered that outside of the armor that was outside, I had 900kg of Mithril in my Inventory.

And so I decided to try using about 100kg of it.


Of course, I was doing this because of the promise of utility.


If we were ever attacked by something that was much stronger than the Killer Birds, this would be very reliable.

It wasn’t that I was just trying to make the strongest Doll that I could think of.

…Well, no. If I’m being honest, I was doing it because it seemed fun.


Though, I suppose I would still be able to change it back to Rock if it didn’t work out. So it was worth a try.


I combined the Heart Stone with the Mithril and tried to create a Golem.


However, I was unable to.

Instead, I was told that I could make a Mithril Golem.


In other words, it was an entirely different kind of Golem?

Would the name change if I altered it again?


Well, there was only one way to find out.

And so I ordered the creation of the Mithril Golem.


And then, a glimmering, silver humanoid appeared in front of me.




I couldn’t help but mutter.


Compared to the other Golems, this one was slimmer and had smooth curves. It was more beautiful than any statue of a deity that I had ever seen.

There was such dignity expressed, in spite of the fact that it had no face. Perhaps it was because there was something mystical about the way that the Mithril shone.


It made you want to fold your hands together and pray…


That’s when I realized I had been beaten to the punch by a half-naked man who prostrated himself on the ground over and over… Mappa.


Mappa lay down with his feet and hands flat on the ground while he raised and lowered his head repeatedly. This was an ancient way of bowing that no one used anymore.


When he was finished, he looked at me with surprise.


What did I do…?

It was an unusual thing for Mappa to be surprised like this.


After that, Mappa returned to hammering Mithril in his smithy, before I could even tell him to make armor for the Golems.


It was during this time, that a battle was being waged at sea, not far from our island. However, none of us were aware of it yet.

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  1. This dwarf is really funny. Also a man of culture, and OP blacksmith. Maybe that mithril golem was made, you know, with Rienna in mind 😀
    Thanks for the chapter! Awesome translation! God bless you!

  2. some citizen are coming adrift from the survivor or some stupid people who want to steal and murder
    wich would it be

    • mc magic woulld probably beat them but if they are monsters then he wouldn’t need to worry about them doing anything bad then

  3. I see, you’re having fun on making golems~

    Then you must ask for further instructions from Kehma to improve~!

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