Flower Field Demon King – 33

Chapter 33


The person that Adelia and Darten immediately went to upon hearing that the magistrate was going to visit, was Qudels.


“Oh, Miss Adelia. Just in time. I have finished making this root vegetable called a ‘sweet potato.’ Would you like to try some?”


Qudels had made some miscalculations and the hemp plants had grown at three hundred times the speed that they were supposed to. And so he had burned the fields to get rid of the evidence… Currently, the fields were covered in green vines. And it was in the center of this field, that the tall and awkward man stood while smiling and waving a potato.

He had not even noticed Darten’s presence, which was rather typical of him.


“Leader! I have to talk to you!”

Adelia said in a serious voice. Qudels looked at her with a puzzled expression.

And then in a shaking voice, he asked.


“You seem very serious now. S-surely you are not asking for permission to court Darten!?”

“Darten. Do it.”

“Alright! This should wake you up, flower field head!!”

Just as Adelia muttered, Darten’s fist sent Qudels flying to the far end of the field.

However, even as the fist met his jaw, Qudels had the same bewildered expression. And it was evident that it was not at all effective.


“Leader, I have to speak to you. Please listen to me seriously.”

After Darten brought Qudels back, Adelia continued as she stood at the edge of the field and sighed.

In fact, Adelia had not stepped one foot into the field ever since the incident with the mites.

She had been traumatized badly.


“Look, brother. Get up now. She has something important to say to you.”

Darten said admonishingly. And so Qudels sat up in the dirt and scratched his head in irritation.


“Is this about the magistrate paying us a visit?”

“You knew about it?”

She didn’t rebuke him for not taking her seriously from the beginning.

This was because she knew that no decent answer would be coming from his mouth anyway. And it was better for her mental health that she ignore it.


“The news came just a moment ago. Well, I suspect it has something to do with a rank one goddess coming down to this small village.”

Qudels muttered without much expression showing on his face.

This was the appearance of a client, and it would have been normal for him to feel a little more nervous.


Besides, in spite of Adelia’s best efforts, the restoration of the village wasn’t going as smoothly as it could.

The abduction of a rank one goddess, Darten’s monstrous strength and magic contributing to faster rebuilding, the incredible growth of the hemp plants. 

At a glance, they might have looked like great results, but on closer inspection, everything was far too dangerous in many ways, and it was not the kind of thing you wanted others to have a closer look at.



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