Makai Hongi – 13


The boss was the strongest one. And if that boss was killed, the first thing they would think is that there is no one in their army that could kill the opponent.


Once a commander was killed on the battlefield, the corps commander would have to choose another commander quickly, or the soldiers would remain the same.

And it was because they knew this, that my comrades seemed to have been energized.


In fact, they seemed more like bandits than soldiers.


The enemy had abandoned the stronghold and retreated. My comrades took the enemy’s horses they had won and chased after them.

The wounded were left behind. This was because the healthy couldn’t wait to get out of there.


The ogres gladly killed the surviving enemy soldiers.

Every time they killed someone, their vessel would grow a little.


In other words, they would be able to store more mana.

And so they had no reason to hesitate.


“This really does look like a post-apocalyptic world.”

It was the kind of world I had seen in fiction.


I leaned my elbows on my knees and thought about what I would do now.


I was currently sitting on a head.

A giant Taiga head.


Yes, its giant corpse was lying on the ground under my ass.

I mean, that’s how I was positioned when I reawakened.


“My friends seem like they’re too scared to come close now…”


I had memories. Just memories.

It wasn’t me that used the body. It was the other me.


Indeed. Even though it was the same body, the outcome could be so different.


Numerous iron staves had been stabbed into the Taiga’s body. And then the final blow went right through its head.

When I thought back on it, it was a pretty horrifying fight.


“…Damn it. My legs are starting to shake.”


This was an effect of my body staying the same while just the amount of mana changed.

The more mana there was, the more mana coursed through your body. You couldn’t stop it.


Every cell in my body was screaming in pain.

The parts that had been used the most also used the most mana.


Of course, it meant it was easier to get injured.


“Well, seems like they’ll leave me alone. So I might as well sit here for a while.”

We had taken the stronghold and killed the commander, after all.


No one was going to ask me to do more work.


And so I leaned back into the Taiga corpse.

I save that the top of its head had about ten staves in it.


“…Really, what am I going to do…”


It wasn’t something you were supposed to do on a battlefield, but I closed my eyes.

I was exhausted.


The enemy had fled, and my comrades were too scared to come close to me.

So I might as well take a nap then.

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  1. Lol I liked this chapter. I did get confused initially, because I didn’t realize that there was another personality with his second core. This author seems to like to have things happen and explain a little later why it happened.

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