Makai Hongi – 56


I doubted he would get much stronger at all, no matter where he went.

Ah, was he really so stupid?

“Where did he go?”

“He’s going to seclose himself in the mountains.”

“You mean seclude… So that’s where he went. But we basically already live in the mountains.”

I had secluded myself in the mountains in order to test a theory without being watched. I didn’t want to be bothered.

And that had allowed me to concentrate and train.

“Yes, he said he says going to do this ‘seclude’ thing… It’s been three days since he left.”

“Just copying me isn’t going to do anything… Three days huh? So that was during my journey here. But I didn’t see him on the way.”

It must be some mountain that is close by.

Well, there was no point in worrying about it.

“Beka. I think you better put him out of your mind for now. I’m sure he’ll come back saying that he’s hungry as soon as his food runs out.”

Well, it might take two weeks or a month for that to happen. The strength of ogres could not be underestimated.

They could survive, even without any skills.

“But Saifo left without me. He used to always say that we would go everywhere together.”

“Sometimes a man has to go out alone. You should understand. That time is now for him. He’s desperate. We should cheer him on.”

“I see. Okay. He’s doing his best, huh?”

“Exactly. He’s doing his best. So…”

“I’m back. Oh, you’re here, Golan.”


“You ruined it!”

Saifo had returned.

“Hmm? What is it, Golan? Why are you so angry?”

“Weren’t you supposed to be in the mountains?”

It’s only been three days.

“Oh, I went. But on the way, I heard a rumor that there were people who weren’t under anyone’s control, and so I went there.”

“I heard about that before the festival. It’s about the Reapers, right?”

“No, this is apparently different. They’re supposed to be in a cave near a lake. The neighboring village was troubled by this, and so I came back.”

“Why does a troubled village result in you coming back?”

“Isn’t it obvious. I was going to dump the responsibility onto you, Golan.”


“You’re the Commander. Of course, I would.”

“That’s true. It’s only proper.”

“You too, Beka…”

Why did the idiot siblings push all of their troubles onto me as if it were the most natural thing?

“So, there it is. Good luck, Golan.”

“Well…I am the Commander. It’s true that news of this would have reached me eventually… Alright, what race are they?”

“The water grass was so tall that I couldn’t really see. But I heard that they usually live in caves.”

“They live near the water, huh. That’s bad.”

That often meant that they were hostile.

If they were combat types and in great numbers, they might attack without warning.

What should I do? I didn’t like the idea of going and finding out.

As I thought about this, Rig came to us.

“An order has been sent out for everyone who is a Commander and above and fought in the war to gather at the castle.”

“The castle… Whose order is this?”

As far as I knew, Lesser Demon King Melvis was still asleep.

“The order is from General Farneze.”

Maybe it was about those rewards that Corps Commander Nehyor talked about.

“Fine. If it’s the General’s order, I better go right away.”

Word must have come through the Corps Commander. My village was in a remote place. Even if I rushed now, I would likely be the last to arrive.

“Well, there it is, Saifo. We’ll discuss this when I get back.”

A deep sea dragon sword… If I ask for it, will he really give it to me?

It had been Corps Commander Nehyor who suggested it…what if he’s setting a trap for me?

I was worried.

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