Makai Hongi – 212

Chapter 212

“King Bargman once talked to me about the battle with the Celestial World. Perhaps that was the beginning of everything.”
Demon King Tralzard started to talk quietly.

As they were both Dragons, Bargman and Tralzard were acquainted.
This was long before Bargman’s very long life came to a close.

Tralzard closed her eyes as if remembering those days when she was still young.

“I remember it well even now. Bargman’s words remained in my heart all of this time. He spoke so fondly of those times. Those deadly battles with the residents of the Celestial World.”

Back then, there were many small scale invasions from the Celestial World, but the Demon World had very powerful people as well, including Lesser High King Yamato.

The residents of the Demon World became stronger as they fought.
However, many of them died along the way, and so the number of strong did not rise.

Still, every country had the power to ward off the invasions. The Demon World had never been more powerful than in that age.

“These days it’s just Demon Kings and Lesser Demon Kings fighting. And many more people die.”

“Indeed. Sometimes someone exceptionally strong will appear, but they bring about their own downfall eventually. They are attacked by multiple enemies and are annihilated. It’s harder to survive in an age with so many rivalries between warlords.”

Perhaps the Celestial World were angry that the first invasion had ended in failure, and decided to put more effort into the next one.
They had used holy pillars in order to create a barrier in the Demon World.

They made a hole in the Demon World, created six bases, and spread the area of effect from there.
In the meantime, they constructed holy pillars in order to fill the area with holy power.

And it was the residents of the Demon World and Lesser High King Yamato who stood up to them.

“Research Institution Enra came from the Celestial World. They wanted this invasion to succeed regardless of the casualties. King Bargman said that he could feel their fervor.”

“But what was their reason for invading?”
“The magic stones within our bodies…the Orbs of Control. Just the same as now.”

They needed energy from the magic stones in order to continue their research.
And so the residents of the Celestial World came down regularly.

But if the Celestial World was going to come down without any intention of retreating, then the Demon World would meet them with equal fervor.
And so it was all out war between the two words.

“King Yamato ended up in a duel with the enemy leader. According to King Bargman, it was a battle that no one could stop, and no would could interfere in.”

The battle was between two people who were so far beyond anyone else. No one could even get close to them.
“The power of a Lesser High King.”

What was the difference between a Lesser Demon King and a Demon King?
And how strong was Lesser High King Yamato? The only person of his kind throughout all of history?

Was there anyone left in the Demon World who could even imagine it?

“Now I will talk about King Melvis, who was a Great Demon King back then. King Melvis was acting as King Yamato’s marauding captain, and was wreaking havoc from the start of the invasion.”
That was also quite amazing. My image of Melvis was being shattered. Was he a delinquent?

“It was King Melvis who killed the most enemies. However, he was also the one who took the most damage.”
“The holy power attack?”

“Yes. King Yamato had his hands full, and so King Melvis should have taken his place. But according to King Bargman, King Melvis was off on his own. ‘Going too far.’ He went against a resident of the Celestial World all by himself.”

During that time, Bargman was organizing his men and giving out orders. He had to build and maintain an army that could resist the Celestial World.

“Now that I think about it, there was one other person.”

Immortal Melvis, Turtle Dragon Bargman, and Mad Zaldan.
The three Generals who supported Lesser High King Yamato were very famous.

“Mmm. It is said that King Zaldan died from a terrible wound in battle. Or that he went up against a powerful enemy. The battle line was widening, and no one really witnessed it. But there are stories of King Melvis’s rage.”

Zaldan had died, and Melvis went to the place where the Celestial World now had the advantage. And he caused destruction all over the area as he went around defeating his enemies.
Just listening to her story made me think that Melvis was the kind of person that had to be kept on a tight leash.

“It’s astonishing that the Demon World survived after King Yamato disappeared.”
It would not have been surprising if Melvis himself destroyed the Demon World.

“Well, he was attacked by holy power. And I’m sure that King Bargman would have stopped him. Now that I think about it, perhaps King Yamato and the enemy leader are still fighting.”

“The enemy leader… I heard the name ‘Hera’ from General Miralda.”

“Mmm. Hera built the Enra organization. They say that it was power and ability that solidified Hera’s position within the Demon World. The clash between Hera and Yamato was too intense to imagine. No one could get close. Their great power would cause shockwaves that blew away everything in the area. And then they vanished.”


“Vanished. They said that there was a space time distortion remaining in the spot where they fought. After that, the Celestial World immediately gave up on the invasion and retreated. And we never saw the enemy leader after that.”

“So either the leader was defeated by King Yamato, or disappeared with him.”
“Mmm. However, unless there is holy power there or they have fallen, a resident of the Celestial World would not be able to survive. They can only exist with holy power.”

“In other words, Hera is already dead?”
“Nothing else makes sense. Or perhaps Hera has changed so much that returning to the Celestial World is now impossible.”

Lesser High King Yamato’s name was still on the Tablet of Control.
He was alive, just not in the Demon World now.

And since residents of the Celestial World could not live without holy power, they either had to change or die.

Regardless, the Enra institution continued into a new generation.
We were sure of it now, as we had seen their unique mark during the last invasion.

“Do you know about what happened in the Celestial World after that?”

“No. The only thing I can say is what I heard from King Bargman about King Yamato’s race. And about King Melvis.”

So she had no information about the Celestial World after all.
But I was interested in the Lesser High King.

About Yamato Takeru no Mikoto, which General Miralda had talked about.
“Can you tell me?”
“Mmm. I will.”

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