Makai Hongi – 71


They would see it as a very rare chance.

“In other words, we should use Tralzard’s fighting force as a decoy.”

“A ‘show army’… I don’t know if there is such a thing, but the four other countries aside from Leninoth, that would get in our way, would become involved.”

Rous and Lubanga were allies.

They would have to split their forces in order to face the Demon King army that might come from the west.

And if their east defenses were weakened, that would only strengthen Kurulu and Nacti’s momentum.

They would never ignore such a chance and attack our country instead.

In other words, these four countries should clash against each other beautifully.

And we would be free to hit Leninoth with everything we had.

“…I see. That is Golan’s opinion. What do you think, Felicia?”

“I think it’s a good idea. But I have two concerns. The first is that Rous and Lubanga will not move as you suggest. Then it will be difficult for Kurulu to attack.”

“That’s what she says. What do you think, Golan?”

“If that happens, I think we should consider abandoning the plan. However, I would think it very odd for them to have an army near their borders, and for them to not respond at all.”

“Indeed. It’s unthinkable, given how things work in the Demon World.”

“If that happens, it would either be because there is a traitor here, or with Tralzard. Or they are so pressed that they don’t have the strength to do anything else. Perhaps by searching for the reason they do not move, we will discover a solution to this whole thing.”

“I see. And what do you have to say to that, Felicia?”

“I understand. As for the other thing that worries me. The possibility that Demon King Tralzard will just invade us without stopping.”

“So, Golan?”

“There is nothing we can do about that. No matter how hard we fight, our defeat is guaranteed if he invades us. It doesn’t matter how many soldiers we leave behind.”

“…That is true.”

If we were on equal terms with the Demon King, these negotiations would have started very differently.

Everyone present agreed about this point.

“Well, everything discussed here will be useful during tomorrow’s meeting. You can leave the rest to me and Golan.”

Everyone bowed at the General’s words. They understood.

Well, I was the only one who wasn’t bowing.

I mean…me!? I froze while pointing a finger to myself.

I have to go again?

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