Makai Hongi – 19


“Don’t worry. Beka and I have been training while you were gone as well.”

“Yeah! We’re different now.”

I knew it. They didn’t understand me at all.


“Oh, fine. You’re so annoying. Come at me then.”

I gestured with my finger provocatively.


“Ehehe. Here I go then!”

I had noticed it from the beginning, but the older brother, Saifo, had a metal stick.


He swung it wide and tried to bash me over the head with it.

I stood my ground and slammed my fist into the elbow of the arm that carried the stick.


The metal stick missed its target and hit the ground instead.

In the meantime, I grabbed his other arm and twisted it.



Usually, I would be too annoyed at this point to do anything but break it. But I had enough restraint this time to just slam my elbow into his head, knocking him unconscious.


“You really have become stronger now that you are a Commander. Alright, it’s my turn now.”

She was also holding a metal stick, which she twirled above her head.


After these losers had been defeated so many times, they started using weapons. And they were getting better at using them. They probably practiced all of the time now.

And it was getting more and more annoying to deal with them.



She slashed towards my ankles as if she were holding a long sword, and so I jumped over it.

And since I happened to be in the air, I swirled around and slammed my foot into her chest.



Her voice was rather cute, but she went flying into the air and her head bashed into the ground.

People would have laughed and pointed at her had any been watching.


Of course, Beka wasn’t finished yet.

She cracked her neck as she got back to her feet.


“Yes, you’re definitely stronger now…”

Her eyes glimmered.


“Hurry up. This is taking too long. I’m going to finish it with the next hit.”

“Oh? Will you really?”


She charged while swinging the stick with both hands.

I had no idea what she was trying to do.


And so I kicked the stick that was at my feet towards her.

It spun in the air, but she hit it away with her stick.


It was like the baseball swing I had shown them once.

She tried to bring her stick back in front of her then, but I grabbed it.



She had probably assumed that she had an advantage, because of her mana.

And so she pulled hard on the metal stick, desperate to not lose it. And so I let go of it quickly.


“Wha! What!?”

As she stumbled backward, I rushed forward and rammed my knee into her stomach.


It seemed that she hadn’t even seen me move. There was a pathetic ‘Bahh!’ from her mouth as her body folded and fell to the ground.


“It’s finally done.”

It was a rather pointless fight, but they always were.

In any case, that was it for my return greeting.


And so I left the loser siblings and walked towards my house.

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  1. thank you for the chapter .wow never expected for death to come this early for mc

    wonder if the reaper is the shapeless ghost type or skeleton type

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