Jack of all Trades – 120

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As they had made Replant their home of operations, it was no surprise that these magicians were brilliant. Most of those who resided in the Adventure City did so due to their skill. However…


“Miss! What is the secret to using wind magic!?”

“Please tell me as well!”

“I want to know too. May I suggest some night-time lessons?”


These ones were a little…unique, to say the least.


“But you are a fire magic user. And you, are you not a water magic user? You are not fit for wind magic. And no, I intend to sleep at night. Sleep is most important.”

“But, miss…!”


Ah, what in… Please save me, Asagi…!


“Hey, isn’t that wind from Silvergreen?”


I heard someone say. I turn my head. There was some wind coming from the forest that was silver and green in color. Indeed, it was Asagi’s wind. Surely this meant that my prayer had been answered. He was my Asagi, after all.


“Sorry, let me through! It’s an emergency!”


Asagi would usually control his wind a little more carefully in order to avoid hurting people, but this time he landed without such considerations. The wind that blasted down on the area carried away shields and shook the tents. That alone showed that things were serious. I left the girls and jogged over to Asagi as he approached Vergil’s tent.



“Daniela! Perfect. Come with me!”



That was all we said, but I could see that Asagi had calmed down a little. Perhaps I had that effect on him. Such were the foolish thoughts that entered my mind as we went to the tent. But Virgil must have heard the commotion, because he came out before we reached it.


“What’s happening!? What is it!?”

“I’m one to talk, but you should calm down. We’ll talk inside.”


Asagi said as he slapped a hand on Virgil’s shoulder and indicated towards the tent. And so all three of us entered. There was a table that had been brought from somewhere and a detailed map of the terrain was laid out on it. It had probably been made by one of the Adventurers here.


“Please calm down and listen to me. The traces that the surface squad found. I think that it’s a trap.”

“You what!?”

“Calm down, Virgil. I’m not finished yet!”


Asagi said in an unusually rough voice. It was a rare sight indeed, and my shoulders jumped.


“My report of the valley squad’s search. There were no traces of anything at the end of the valley. This means they had no reason to go there. On the other hand, there was a cave on the northwest side.”


It was what we had been searching for. I gasped without thinking.


“We saw evidence of people entering and leaving.”



Virgil made a tight, triumphant fist. But Asagi’s face remained dark.


“Asagi, is there something else?”

“…Yes. The important part is this.”


Asagi nodded to my question and continued.


“There were no traces around the valley, right? That means that they haven’t come to this side any further than the cave. And then there is the tunnel that connects the valley and the surface. I don’t think they would dig so far. In other words, I think the settlement is on the way here.”

“However, there was nothing…”

“Yes, nothing. On the side that we were walking.”



Virgil gasped. I too froze at Asagi’s words.


“Do you get it?”

“They were…watching us…?”

“Exactly. I think they know about our location.”

“Then those traces…”

“I believe it was a trap to lead the scouts in the wrong direction. Well, it might also have been an accident… But I am quite sure that this place is going to be ambushed.”


Everyone fell silent. We had been searching for the orcs, when all along, they had known where we were. And plotting an ambush no less… It made me shudder.


“Asagi, we have to get Ness and the others back.”

“Yeah, I’ll go. Virgil, is that alright?”

“Ye-yes… Damn it. To come here…”


His fist tightened even harder.


“…Very well. Asagi, once you retrieve Ness and the others, have them go to the cave.”

“What about the ambush? If they are headed here, they might bump into each other?”

“Gardo will be there. He and a few others will be added to the surface squad. We’ll have them do a little forceful scouting. It will be better to go out on the offensive than stay here and be ambushed.”

“Understood. Then I will leave right away.”

“Good luck!”


Asagi ran out of the tent. Or he was about to, but then he stopped and looked at me. Without saying anything, he just smiled gently, and then looked away and ran. The tent swayed in the wind and Asagi was gone. He could be impatient at times, but he would not forget that I was there. Really, it was quite adorable.


“I have a request to make, Daniela.”


“There should be users of earth magic in the group. You can take a few of my potions here and have them create a wall to surround this area.”

“But are we not going out on the attack? Is this necessary?”


I asked, and Virgil’s eyes dropped to the map.


“If we make an enclosure with only one opening, the orcs will have to come in through there. I do not want to create a situation where we have a disadvantage if the scouts fail.”


Hmmm… It was important to consider the possibility of failure. It suggested to me that this man had a lot of experience fighting.


“Understood. I will go and give the order then. I too can use earth magic and should be able to help.”

“Here are the potions. There are four that you can share. Good luck. The entrance should be facing the valley.”

“Yes, leave it to me.”


I accepted the potions and left the tent. I glanced at my surroundings, but Asagi was unsurprisingly nowhere in sight. But I knew that he would return safely. After all, it is I who he is returning to. Hehe. The little rascal. Damn it. And now, I must fulfill my own role so he can return safely.

However, I could not be blamed for taking my time before taking the first step back towards those waiting girls.

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  1. Thanks for the chapter, I though the magicians were males, but turn out there are some serious yuri vibes in that camp.

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