Cave King – 8


Now the spiders would be able to go up and it would also be easier for me to walk.


When we reached the entrance, I saw that the goblins were still gathered around the Shining Stones.


“Ah, Chief! I heard the comforting sounds of your pickaxe slowly getting closer! It made me really want to go down there and do some digging myself.”


Erevan said with a smile as he turned around.

However, his expression immediately turned into terror.


“Wha…what? Ah, Ahhhhhhh!?!??!?!”


It wasn’t just Erevan. Rienna and Baris were also afraid.

Oh, it was the one behind me…

I turned around and saw many, glowing red eyes.

Obviously, they were Taran’s eyes.


“Chi-chief!! Behind! Behind you!!”

“Calm down, Erevan. These guys. I just tamed them.”

“Ta-tamed!? Them?”

“Yeah. I found this big cavern when I was digging. And they were inside. And so I tamed them.”

“I-I see… I’m sorry. I’m not good with spiders.”


Erevan said with a sigh as he touched his chest.

Rienna and Baris also looked relieved.


As for the slimes, they immediately tried to copy, Shiel, who was still on Taran’s head. And they all headed towards the spiders.


Baris watched this and muttered in a puzzled voice.


“…Still, this is quite a surprise. I believe they are Cave Spiders. But I did not know that they grew to be so large.”

“Do you mean the Cave Spiders on the continent are smaller?”

“Very much so. They are usually about the same height as me.”


According to Baris, the normal ones would come up to my waist.

That was still pretty big…


“Well, I’ve never seen a Cave Spider until today. But uh, weren’t they monsters that lived in caves or old ruins?”

“Yes. They are vicious creatures with powerful venom. It is said that their webs are harder than iron and yet can stretch very far. We goblins often live in caves as well, and it was not rare to see the bones of humans and monsters that fell victim to the spiders.”



That was pretty horrifying.

However, in spite of being much larger than usual, Taran had submitted to me rather quickly.


“Among us goblins, we often say that you must be careful if you find soil in the depths of a cave. This soil is actually a Cave Spider’s…um…”


As Baris was a wise goblin, he liked to choose his words carefully.

Was he going to tell me that the soil was something that had been discharged from the spiders…


“I think I understand what you mean… The entire floor was covered in it.”


Well, it didn’t smell at least. And it really looked like dirt.

And since it was from spiders, perhaps it was no big deal.


Baris nodded.


“I see… Well, that is wonderful news then.”


“Their um…material is said to be superior to surface soil for growing crops. They say that you can even grow wheat without sunlight. And since the webs of the spiders are combined in it as well, it retains moisture very well, meaning that even plants will grow in the desert.”

“Ohh. But, why are the webs mixed in?”

“Cave Spiders grow mushrooms. They do eat human and monster flesh as well. But they mainly eat mushrooms.”


They ate human meat too…


Rienna had already moved forward to say hello. She was currently offering Taran a plate of grilled fish.


Without hesitation, Taran grabbed the grilled fish with its mandibles.

Upon seeing this, Taran’s children swarmed around Rienna and seemed to be begging her for some fish as well.


Rienna looked a little scared, but she quickly went away to prepare more of the grilled fish.


So, they could survive on just mushrooms.

But they also like meat and fish as well.


“I see… So that’s why they were able to live in such an isolated area.”


And the reason that Baris had said this was wonderful news, was because it now meant that we could get soil on this island.


I had said it many times before, but this island was just a lot of exposed rocks.

And since there was no soil, there were no plants.


And while it may have not been much, we now had soil of very high quality.

Now we just needed some seeds, and we would be able to grow things.


Well, as for the seeds. We had a few fruits…

However, a fruit tree would take years of waiting before you could harvest anything.


“Maybe I should just make a small field for now… Oh, but I’ll need to increase the size of the land first…”


Thanks to the new features and the Cave Spider, we could suddenly do so much more.


Perhaps the spider webs could be processed to make fibers.

And that could be used to make clothes and fishing nets.


In any case, my true passion was digging. But as long as we lived here communally, I had to think about the others.


Well, for now…


“We should have a welcoming party. It’s a small island, but we must all get along. …Rienna, let me help you!”


I picked up some fish and helped Rienna cook them. Like this, our friendship with the Cave Spiders was deepened.

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  2. Is anyone else wondering how in the frack a giant spider survived underground sealed off from the surface for God knows how long? Also what did they eat what did they drink?

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