Cave King – 9


Okay, let’s start…



I realized that a huge, black spider had entered the cave.

It was Taran.


And Taran was carrying a total of 4 pickaxes.

As Cave Spiders had 8 legs, it was holding them with the 4 in its front.


“What is it, Taran? I still have this pickaxe, so I don’t need a new one yet…”


Perhaps Erevan had asked Taran to bring them to me.

However, my pickaxe was stronger. The goblins knew that.


Could it be…


“You…you want to challenge me?”


Taran’s only reply was to direct its red eyes towards me.


I wasn’t sure if I was happy or intimidated…

I felt a chill go down my spine.


While it was a tamed monster, Taran…was going to challenge me with 4 pickaxes.


“Fine. I accept…”


I held my pickaxe ready.

And then…




I swung with my pickaxe over the Sun Stones.

At the same time, I could hear the echoes of pickaxes smashing the stones behind me at four times my speed.


Taran was carrying 4 pickaxes.

If it could mine like that, there was no way that a human with just one pickaxe could compare.


Still, to be able to use them so expertly… Taran must have been watching me carefully these past 3 days. I can do that… No, I can do it better. That’s what it had likely been thinking.


However, I was still the Cave King. I couldn’t lose.




I swung my pickaxe even faster, and Taran reacted by raising its pace as well.


After this competition, we were able to finish mining the rest of the Sun Stones that day.

Not only that, but we kept digging further into the walls.


And so for the first time since I arrived on the island, I became completely exhausted.

I was still panting even after Shiel brought me back to the entrance.


“Ha…haa… What speed. Taran. You’re amazing.”


I praised Taran, who had returned with me.


“However, I still dug farther than you…”


But that was still incredible speed for a first time.

Not only that, but the slimes were not able to keep up when transporting the rubble, which made it difficult to walk.

If Taran continued to improve, I would eventually be…


As I shuddered at the thought, the small goblin…Rienna, approached us.


“Oh, it’s you, Rienna. Uh, today’s Turtle Stones…”


As I tried to look in my Inventory, Rienna interrupted me.


“Lord Heal. You must have worked so hard! Here, take this!”

“Uh, thank you.”


She gave me a white cloth, and I used it to wipe my sweat.


Huh? Where had she acquired such a clean and smooth cloth?


As I looked at it in wonderment, Rienna sighed with relief.


“…Ahh. I am so happy that you like it. As I had finished making the fishing net, I decided to make a handkerchief with the spider webs.”

“Ohh, that’s what this is. I thought that it was surely made out of silk. That’s how smooth it feels. I didn’t know that you could sew as well.”

“Yes! I can make all sorts of things… For instance, I could make you some bedding?”

“I see. Yes, I feel sorry for using Shiel as a bed all of the time. You wouldn’t mind doing that?”

“Yes. Leave it to me!”

“Thank you, Rienna. I’m so glad that you came here.”



It had just been a casual remark, but Rienna suddenly shuddered and her eyes looked red.


“So-sorry. Did I say something wrong?”


Rienna wiped away a tear and shook her head.


“No… I just had dust in my eyes! I must go and prepare dinner now!”


While she was crying, she looked very happy. And with that, she turned away from me.

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  1. Will the turtle stones prevent sudden deaths like from accidents and stuff..? Well MC sure does not think an accident might occur sooner or later.. but if it did, won’t the spent turtle stones just be wasted?? It’s not like rienna needs it right now ..

    That aside, cute chapter! Taran challenging the king of mining, i actually thought we might win. 😀

    Thanks for the chap! <3

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