Cave King – 97


To be honest, it had been very dangerous.

But the Chimera had been tamed without being killed. That was a big deal.

It wasn’t just that bloodshed had been avoided, but that we might be able to get some kind of information.

Perhaps it was because she had been alone for so long, but Aries looked very childlike now… She was staring up at me with glimmering eyes.

Well, there was no point in blaming her…

“Yes…you did very well. I…see why you are called a great strategist, Aries.”

“My lord! I am grateful for your words!”

Her face brightened up and tears streamed down her face as she bowed.

And then a voice echoed.

<<There is a tamable monster. Will you tame it?>>

Apparently, it was talking about Aries.

I turned to Shiel.

Shiel nodded as if to ask me to do it.

I suppose she wanted me to take care of Aries.

Well, I had sort of discussed it with Aries already.

But I wanted to make sure one more time.

“Aries…do you really want to come with us? If you do, it will require an agreement called ‘taming.’ Formally speaking, you’ll have to obey my orders.”

I asked.

“I shall obey your every command. At least, until the day that I help you achieve your greatest feat.”

“Greatest feat…I don’t know what…”

“No. Everyone in the world has some kind of ambition. I know… Your cool face is hiding something. A great ambition that burns bright inside of you every day…”

Perhaps Aries had been itching to say this line for quite a while, because she now looked very pleased with herself.

“Uh, all I want is to live with everyone in…”

“And so I shall go with you.”


“Ah! Until the day that this body parishes away, I, Aries, shall serve you Lord Heal!”

And like that, Aries and the Chimera joined us.

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  1. I still want to see an image or more details describing how Aries would look like (in the manga, since it started some time ago).
    Thanks for the chapter! Awesome translation! God bless you!

  2. Slimes, no prob, they’re cute and bouncy (except when they’re acidic and face-melty)
    Kobolds, no prob, they’re fluffy and cute (except in hordes devouring any invaders)
    Goblins, no prob, they’re adorbs little pranksters (except when Goblin Slayer is needed)
    Orcs, no sweat, they’re big buff bros (except when there’s a princess knight involved)

    It’s… a mindflayer? *shudders* Bad D&D PTSD vibes.

    Thanks for the release!

  3. For some reason, these chapters concerning the chimera reminded me of the SkinDeep comic for no reason in particular… Will Neaman Lions appear soon?

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