Realist Demon King – 112


“No, I wouldn’t say that. There is no monster in this world that is undefeatable. If it’s this healing ability that hinders us, we just need to destroy its body so thoroughly at once, that it will not be able to recover.”

“Very good, Master. And how will you do that?”

“By using Forbidden Curse Magic.”

“Forbidden Curse Magic?”

Asked Ryoma. She did not know much about magic.

“It’s a powerful magic created by a sorcerer in ancient times. But it is very difficult to use, and one mistake can lead to the destruction of the caster. That is why it’s forbidden.”

“Huh. That sounds troublesome.”

“Aye. However, it’s proven to be very effective.”

“Then hurry up and get it over with.”

“I wish that I could. But in order to defeat that cow, I will have to use some very powerful Forbidden Curse Magic.”

“What are you trying to say?”

“It means it will take a while to finish the chant. And during that time, I will be defenseless.”

“That’s quite simple!”

Jeanne said as she brandished her sword.

“We are the advance guard, and we will buy you time as you chant, Demon King.”

Ryoma grumbled upon hearing this, but then she raised her gun as if she had no choice.

“I am neither an advance or a rear guard. I prefer to be in the center.”

She sighed as she reloaded her gun.

Jeanne ignored her and rushed forward to attack.

She was never the same Jeanne when she picked up her sword. She was a great warrior.

Even though her beautiful golden hair was in disarray, you could feel the ferocity in her.

I did not have a more reliable subordinate when it came to combat.

And so I thanked god for sending her to me, and started to chant.

‘Dyed in twilight, the red of the bottle gourd. Your color is the deepest rouge and thicker than blood.

The blazing flames within those eyes.

The sun burns bright red, and shall scorch everything to the ground!’

It was a long chant. And you had to imbue every word with magic.

Ancient magic did not allow the caster to make a single mistake.

And while I was quite nervous throughout, I had been able to finish it.

This was possible because of the trust I had in my comrades.

Saint Jeanne would never let that monster get close to me.

And Ryoma wouldn’t abandon her companions.

And so it was because of this trust, that I did not take a single step back. And had succeeded.

I looked down and saw that numerous runes were floating around my body.

This was proof that the ancient majin of fire now inhabited me.

Proof that the forbidden spell, ‘Red Flame King,’ had worked.

And so I summoned the Flame King from my body.

And unleashed the scorching heat.

Even the bull with its healing ability should not be able to recover from this.

The only problem left was how I could keep my friends safe while using it. But it turned out to be  a groundless fear.

Jeanne and Ryoma saw that I was finished, and they synchronized as they were twins.

Jeanne leaned forward and slashed to the side with her holy sword, Nouvelle Joyeuse.

A mystical blade of light shot out of the holy sword at a tremendous speed.

And it easily cut off both of the devil’s feet.

Without feet, the devil fell to its knees. It looked like he was making a confession to the Saint.

Well, devils didn’t confess their sins. He was just roaring and trying to eat her.

That’s when Ryoma attacked.

She was merciless, now that it had lost its mobility.

Her movements were nimble like most elves as she approached the bull and raised her gun.

She pointed the barrel at its eye and shot it point blank.

“Mister Cow. I’ve decided to take your eyes. Be patient now.”

She said cooly as she pulled the trigger.

The bullet fired and dug deep into the wild monster’s eyeball.

And like that, the monster was blinded as it let out a howl of despair.

The bull had lost its legs and its eyesight.

As I had already finished the spell, it was just a target for me now.

“Jeanne! Ryoma! Stand back!”

They reacted immediately. But as Ryoma had little idea of what I would do, she asked Jeanne.

“Hey, blondie. How far back should we go?”

Jeanne answered immediately. No, she showed her.

“As far as you can! The Demon King’s magic is not to be underestimated.”

Ryoma saw that Jeanne was running as fast as she could, and so she did the same.

And so it was with a sense of relief that I unleashed the magic.

The scorching flames that came from my hands enveloped the bull.

It roared and screamed.

It knew that its body was burning, and that he would fade into ash very soon.

And while there was sadness in its voice, I did not hold back until it was burned to death.

Any hesitation would result in it healing itself. And Jeanne and Ryoma would be attacked.

I would never be able to forgive myself if something happened to them.

And so there wasn’t an ounce of pity in me for the bull that was made of bat corpses.

It was with such thoughts in my head, that I turned up the heat. Full throttle.

All the energy in my body was turned into fire, and even the bull that we had initially thought to have the unlimited ability to heal, was unable to do so. And so its body vanished.

Like that, the monster that lurked the undergrounds of Sabnac’s castle was destroyed.

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  1. Thanks for the chapter desu~

    That monster bull should be worth a lot of experience points, eh?

    Maybe whatever ashen remains of the beast can be used for the Klein bottle, albeit an unlikely possibility.

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