Makai Hongi – 69


“To continue with what I was saying, if this country invaded Rous, Leninoth will likely attack us in turn. No, not likely. They will do it for sure.”

And then what will happen?

We will have to fight Rous and the much stronger Leninoth at the same time.

A country as small as our country would not survive a two-front war.

Even if we did succeed, Rous was allied with Lubanga.

So there was the possibility that they would send reinforcements.

“In other words, we should reject Demon King Tralzards request.”

“No, if we do attack, it should be Leninoth’s country.”

As they were already in a state of war, we wouldn’t risk antagonising anyone else in the process. Rous was the only country that might try and take advantage of the situation, but they were busy helping their ally.

“…Hmm? But were we not talking about starting with a weaker country, because a direct conflict with Leninoth now would hardly end in our favor?”

“Yes, but if we absolutely must fight, then I think we should attack Leninoth directly and not any other country.”

If that was possible, we’d have done it already.

That’s what was written on the faces of the others.

…However, that’s when someone came to my rescue.

“I agree with him. It would not be wise to antagonize a different country now.”

Surprisingly, it was Felicia who spoke.

“You too, Felicia… However, didn’t we conclude that victory is nearly impossible? What do you mean to do?”

“In that case…”

Felicia turned to me. Did she want me to say something?

There was one thing that I had been thinking about for a while. Did she see through me then?

Or did she just want me to make a fool of myself before she imparted her wisdom? I didn’t know.

“What I think is that instead of accepting this request as it is, we should attempt to reach a compromise with that messenger. For instance, something that will help us win against Leninoth.”

Felicia nodded slowly to this.

Decent enough. I’ll give you a passing grade. That’s what her expression suggested.

She clearly had a very high opinion of herself.

However, she had an incredible amount of mana for someone who just gave advice and helped with strategy. And so I had no intention of fighting her.

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