Makai Hongi – 70

Chapter 70


◎ Farneze’s Mansion – Felicia

Due to this visit from a messenger of Demon King Tralzard, the town was put in a state of high alert.

The messenger that had come was Miralda, the Flying Dragon.

Among the Demon King’s subordinates, she was a relatively understanding person.

She had been a General for about a hundred years now, but there had never been any stories about her getting emotional and causing a genocide.

Perhaps that was why she had been chosen to be a messenger.

And so a meeting was held. And just as the fatigue started to become visible on the faces of those who participated, it was announced that we would take a short break.

General Farneze was perceptive when it came to such things.

Even though everyone that was present was strong, there were some who did not like to think.

And so tea was brought in from the next room, and the atmosphere lightened considerably.

As there were some who looked like their heads were about to burst, this would be a good way to let off steam.

A few even got up and left the room.

Secret conversations…perhaps it wasn’t quite that, but they would have things to discuss in private, and they would want to share information.

Besides, there were bound to be a few who were muttering ‘hmm’ and ‘I see’ during the meeting, who didn’t understand at all.

This was evident when you saw that those who spoke during the meeting and those who didn’t seemed to split up into two groups.

In the meantime, I couldn’t help but stare at this Ogre, Golan.

Perhaps he was hungry, as he ordered some food to go with his tea. And then he took it and left the room.

Was he going to eat outside?

“…Are you curious about him?”

Asked General Farneze. That’s when I noticed that I was still staring at the door after he had disappeared.

“Yes. He is not like other Ogres… That’s what I was thinking.”

“Hmm. It’s unlike you to muddle your words like that, Felicia.”

“I heard that he came here today to collect a reward. I was not present at the time, as I was escorting another Corps Commander outside of the castle, but I’ve read the reports.”

According to the reports, Golan was much like any other Ogre.

He had led a charge and taken the enemy camp. He was just like the previous Commander.

It was surprising that he beat a High Ogre through Gekokujyo, but this was in the middle of a war.

Such things sometimes happened.

Our country had not been invaded for hundreds of years.

And so we had gathered a lot of information for the future.

I had information about Nehyor’s subordinates as well.

This was why I had not expected Golan to be able to speak so well during the meeting.

If I was asked whether or not I was curious about him…I would have to say that I was very curious.


Makai Hongi

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