Makai Hongi – 70


Ogres were not supposed to have that much knowledge.

Was this some ploy by General Farneze?

At first I had suspected that the General was using Golan to speak her own opinion.

And so that was why I had to make sure of it earlier.

I had started to say something and then made him finish.

I wanted to know who was pulling the strings here.

Surely he would then stumble on his words, and whoever was behind him would have to speak for him.

However, it turned out that I was wrong.

Once I heard Golan’s answer, I was sure that there was no one behind him. Still, the question remained. Who was this Ogre?

“If he is not your puppet, General Farneze, then he must be Nehyor’s.”

I did not trust Nehyor in the least.

And it had nothing to do with his personality and actions, which were often unpredictable to many.

However, I always had an idea. I knew his boundaries, at least.

Nehyor was waiting for something.

I didn’t know what it was, but it seemed to me that it was the only reason why he was even here.

And so I couldn’t help but suspect that Nehyor’s knowledge had been behind the words that Golan spoke earlier.

“Nehyor has nothing to do with it. Golan isn’t acting, he really is like that. Golan doesn’t think like us. And he doesn’t think like Nehyor at all.”

“Think like us… What do you mean?”

“Golan doesn’t react much when you look down at him. However, it’s a different matter when you insult the other Ogres. He gets angry.”

I knew that Golan had cut off Farneze’s nail.

I had escorted the others to the nearby town and then returned. But the battle was already over.

An Ogre challenging a Vampire. It wasn’t so much reckless as straight up suicide.

‘I suppose Ogres have no thoughts for the future after all.’ That had been my reaction to hearing of it.

However, my mind was changed during this meeting.

No, Golan is clearly different from the other Ogres.

“If Nehyor was involved, he would have said something that would have not been to our advantage. But he didn’t.”

There had been nothing strange about Golan’s words.

In fact, he had been absolutely correct.

“Indeed. I’m surprised as well. …So, don’t you think it will be amusing to ask him more questions and find out his opinions?”

“Do as you like, General. I will follow you, regardless.”

“Then it’s settled. I’m going to scratch him a little.”

When Vampires scratch, people die.

Aren’t you aware of that?

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