Two Saints – 112

Don’t involve us in this mess


“So, what’s happening?”

Like Grudo, the elf king was about the same age as Aeris. And so when not in public, they acted casually around each other.

“There are more monsters than we expected. According to the birdfolk, monsters are starting to overflow from a dungeon that is about two weeks away from here.”

It was Toul, and not the king who replied. While he would not take the throne until the king’s death, it was clear that preparations were being made for the change.

“While the elf lands are close to the Shadow World, the dungeons here are smaller than the ones in the dwarf lands. If anything, the problem is the thickness of the miasma. I thought that things would improve just a little if the Saintesses came here directly. So this is a surprise.”

He seemed a lot older when he talked. Even when they traded places, the ‘I’m sure it will be fine’ mentality would likely remain the same. Perhaps it was this carefreeness that caused those who surrounded him to become anxious, and they grew to be more capable as a result. Both me and Van, for instance. Aeris thought with a sigh.

“So, what’s the problem? I won’t be much use outside of research regarding magic stones. And Aaron and Edwy won’t be able to do much either.”

Aeris sounded a little annoyed. He was worried about Maki and Chiharu.

“Aeris, it’s fine. They are tougher than you think. They acted quite proper when they left the castle.”

Edwy remonstrated.

“I see that you’re still impatient as ever.”

Toul said with amusement. However, his face then stiffened and he began to talk.

“It takes two weeks to reach the dungeon. But the ship from Lowland only just arrived. I’m afraid that the soldiers will not reach it in time.”

“Yes, but what does that have to do with us… Ah, the airship!”

Aeris said, and Toul nodded.

“We’ve temporarily stopped all scheduled flights for the airship. It can carry about thirty passengers, but we should be able to squeeze about forty inside and take them to the dungeon within two days. But we would also like to borrow your private airship.”

“I don’t mind.”

Maki and Chiharu’s sightseeing could wait. Besides, it would not be bad for them to tour the royal capital in a carriage.

“Of course, you will have to pilot it, Aeris.”

“There are others who can do it.”

“I heard that it’s difficult to learn.”

Toul said, and Aaron came to a realization. So that was why only Edwy and Aeris seemed to be able to handle it correctly.


“With two airships, we should be able to send about fifty men to the dungeons. Three trips should be enough. Thankfully, we’ll have enough magic stones, due to the Saintesses. This is an emergency.”

Aeris looked quite troubled as Toul spoke.

“I am sure that Maki and Chiharu would tell you to go.”

“And they will tell you to do the right thing.”

“Edwy. Aaron…”

They knew this because they were with Maki and Chiharu for the merfolk rescue mission. They would want Aeris to do his job. Aeris sighed.

“Fine. When do we leave?”

“Early tomorrow morning. So rest well tonight.”


“I know. I will accompany you as a pilot. Aaron.”

Edwy and Aeris looked towards Aaron.

“Yes. I will stay with them as much as possible.”

So only Aaron would be staying behind. While he was a little worried, he nodded steadily.

As for what Maki and Chiharu were doing during that time…

“So, this is the mark of the Saintess.”

“It’s so beautiful.”

“It’s so small.”

They were surrounded by nosy elves. And the first and fifth princesses were doing nothing to stop it. They just watched. Maki became a little annoyed.

“Hey, Princess One and Two. Aren’t you going to show us around?”

It was rare for Maki to talk like this to strangers. But then again, she had met them earlier.

“Well, it’s not like I want to do that.”

“Eh? But didn’t the king ask you? And you volunteered, didn’t you?”

The first princess let out an exaggerated sigh.

“Haaaa… This is ever so tiresome.”

“Are you a child now! No, you’re just old.”

“Old! How dare you. Elders should be respected…you little brat!”

“And now you’re calling people brats. You’re contradicting yourself.”

Maki said as she held her hands behind her back. She was clearly very annoyed. Chiharu sighed.

“Maki-chan. It’s not a big deal. We can just ask these people.”

She said as she lowered her face a little.

“Would any of you be able to show us the castle?”

She asked apologetically. This was how Chiharu usually acted.

“Of course.”

“I would love to.”

Both the men and women around them were quite happy.

“As you can see, we don’t need you anymore.”

Chiharu said as she raised her chin. But she didn’t even look at the princesses.

“What! After we said that we would show you around!”

“You didn’t say that.”


Two Saints wander off into a Different World

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