Cave King – 60


“Right? All of them are made from Fire Dragon or Green Dragon scales. And so they have excellent durability and heat resistance!”

“Dragon scales!? I see…”

The Leviathan scales had also been transparent.

Mappa had used them to make glasses. The Earth Dragons must have similar skills.

“Also, I have stuff like this.”

Roydon took one of the sacks that hung on his belt.

And from it, he removed large, sphericals objects.

“Dragon eggs! They are so delicious that you can eat them raw!”

“Dragon eggs… Well, that is impressive.”

“Aye. The largest one is a Fire Dragon egg. The smaller ones are from wyverns. You can also fry them or boil them.”

“I-I see… But uh, will they hatch?”

“Huh? Well, if you don’t keep them chilled, sometimes that can happen. After all, it just takes a little heat and they just start popping out.”

That was incredible vitality.

Baris turned to Roydon.

“I know of wyverns as well. They are monsters that are the size of horses, are they not?”

“Aye, that is right. We larger dragons like to eat them. After all, they are very delicious.”

To Earth Dragons, other dragons were just food…

Baris chuckled awkwardly and then turned to me.

“I have heard that wyverns are loyal to their masters if you raise them from when they are small. Perhaps it would be a good thing to buy some of them.”

“I see. If we raise them, we will have a way to travel through the air.”

Currently, Baris, Mel, and Kamyu were the only ones who could fly.

The other goblins, orcs and kobolds could not.

And considering how useful it would be for watching and for moving between the levels of the World Tree, they would make a wonderful addition.

Roydon looked puzzled.

“You’re not going to eat them? Well, I think you should do as you like. These eggs are about two months old. So they will hatch in less than a month if you warm them up.”

Roydon then started rummaging through his bag and came out with ten more eggs.

“I have thirty in all. What do you say? Will you buy them?”

“I really do want them. But what do you want in exchange?”

“Indeed. What was that called, wine? Also, do you have any plants?”

“We have branches and leaves from the World Tree. Also some fruits?”

“Ohh, then give me those branches from the World Tree or whatever it’s called. We generally don’t have much wood.”

“Huh. You don’t have trees?”

“Aye. The Green Dragons have monopolized the few forests that exist.”


Considering that and the eggs, it sounded like there was a lot of fighting on Roydon’s continent.

“Yes, let me see. Give me as many fruits as I can carry. And then I will add the Fire Dragon egg.”

“Really? …But…”

Baris nodded.

“We don’t really know anything about Fire Dragons. Besides, I am not confident that we could control it.”

Roydon answered me.

“While every monster is different, they should generally recognize the first person they see as a parent. And they will not go against a parent. So I think it should be fine.”

“I see. In that case, I suppose we’ll take the Fire Dragon egg too.”

“It’s settled then! Ahh! Now I can return without worry!”

Roydon laughed boisterously as he started to drink the wine again.

“Hmm? You’re not going to the other Earth Dragon settlement on the other side?”

“Aye. I was going there to get more wood materials. Because the other kinds of dragons aren’t there. That’s why I can sell them these scales and eggs.”

“Oh. Still, you traveled for a whole month…”

“Aye. But thanks to you, the trip will be shortened by around ten days. Thank you!”

And with that, Roydon drained his barrel, finished the transaction, and started to return by the route he had come.

“I will be back. And with even more eggs!”

He promised before he left.

And so without having planned it, Sheorl had acquired a trading route.

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  1. So there’s another continent that sounds like it’s ruled by dragons.

    I didn’t expect the dragon to sell dragon eggs as food.

    Now Heal is gonna have an army of dragons and wyverns.

  2. WANTED: Roydon, Earth Dragon
    Multiple counts of cannibalism, kidnapping of dragon eggs, trade of dragon eggs/young for cannibalism/slavery, smuggling.

    • It’s not really cannibalism when you consider the fact that wyverns don’t consider dragons as members of their own kind…

      As for dragon eggs, they could be unfertilized.

    • Well not that weird if you consider that those are different types he’s selling. They are monsters and the other dragons are enemies, so if you kill them you might as well eat them (would be a waste to just let them rot). They probably don’t consider it cannibalism, so the only weird cpart would be the eating of sentients. That however might not even be considered weird in a world filled with sentient monsters.

    • Assuming that Roydon is not a criminal/dragon trafficker, its very likely that the dragons (and possibly other apex beasts) in this world have a similar set of rules to the dragons in the novel “campfire cooking in another world”. in that novel, a dragon eating a different type of dragon is not considered cannibalism, even less so for “lesser dragons” like wyverns, but eating one of your own species is, ie a blue dragon eating a red dragon is considered normal but a blue eating another blue would be cannibalism.

    • We don’t know how similar the dragons are to each other in terms of appearance, society, etc. I’d say compare it to how different mammals eat each other, could easily be similar depending on different morphologys.

    • The dragon eggs could be unfertilized, and they don’t seem to mind other races eating their bad eggs.

      They probably would never eat the eggs of their own kind and would most likely sell them for food if they are unfertilized or as subordinates to other races if they have an excess in population.

      Common sense is different for varying races, so they might stop caring about their own children as soon as they become independent. They have a sense of camaraderie with their own kind/tribe/clan so as long as they’re not harmed while they’re dependent on each other and are still able to provide offspring, there doesn’t seem to be a problem.

    • Well,
      Some of our people also eat calf and goat children.
      Also many in India or some other places are eating monkeys.
      Don’t ask more about china, I don’t understand and don’t want to know their diet

      • In the animal kingdom there are birds who eats other birds eggs spiders eat and kill other spiders monkeys kill other monkeys lizard that eat other lizards and so on its not just how nature works heck even hamsters sometimes eat their own youngs.

  3. Since the babies liked playing in those huge pots, Heal should have bought a couple too. Maybe the dragon trader would have liked a couple gold ingots, or some bags of gems. An extra barrel of wine would work too. Well, time to… “How to train your dragon” ~ starting from the egg edition 😀
    Thanks for the chapter! Awesome translation! God bless you!

    • If the earth dragon can travel from one side of the ocean to another by tunneling, in a month, I don’t think he’ll care about anything you can dig up that isn’t extremely rare. Like the evolution stone. The merchant probably isn’t interested in gems or gold.

    • Looks like Heal acquired a trading route before Kamyu did.

      Kamyu: As expected of Lord Heal! *pant, pant*

      Maybe Heal should trade the World Tree’s golden dust as a pleasure drug. I’m sure he could make a killing.

      [And from it, he removed large, sphericals objects.]
      * sphericals —> spherical

  4. Thanks for the chapter ~

    Little by little, the settlement will become one of the strongest forces on their world lol… And he doesn’t notice it yet

  5. Beyond the eggs and whatever, I’m actually more interested in the possibility of adding in an already digged up tunnel that connects to a whole new continent. Trades could be constantly made without a certain Kingdom knowing about it.

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