Cave King – 119


“Alright, let’s go then.”

I said as I stood up from the round table and willed myself to be teleported.

And then my body was enveloped by light.

When the light faded, I was in the cave. But it had been a while since I was in an area that was this dark.

And while I could see in the dark, the rock walls were much more black here, and so it seemed extra dark.

Borthion teleported too, and stood in front of me.

“Lord Heal. The underground lake is a short distance from here. It is there that you should be able to hear the voice of the underground king.”

“Good. Take me to him.”

“Yes, leave it to me.”

And so I followed Borthion.

There were a lot of branching paths here.

And I also saw lots of stones that shone in numerous colors. They were not Shining Stones. The itch to go digging became very strong…

“Now that I think about it, this area was also managed by Shiel’s ancient empire, wasn’t it? What was it used for?”

“This place was discovered right before the meteor fell. And so even Empress Shiel does not know much about it.”

“Huh. In that case, there must be a lot of rocks lying here that I don’t know about.”

The pickaxe was practically an extension of my own body now, and I gripped it tightly without thinking.

No, calm down, Heal. Not now…

It had been a while since I had been able to dig, just for the enjoyment of digging…

And so I fought against the urge to dig as I followed after Borthion.

After a while, a blinding light appeared ahead of us. Apparently, we were coming out into an open area.

“…Where are we?”

We stepped out into a very mystical place.

Light was pouring down from the ceiling as if there was a real sun. Below, a vast field of grass sprawled out before us. 

And in the center, was a lake.

This was very different from the underground lake I had been envisioning. This looked like the kind of lake you would find on the surface.

“It’s very beautiful…”

“…Why are there humans here?”

A voice echoed from somewhere after I had muttered.

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