Makai Hongi – 33


“They are spread out through the mountains. I should be able to contact all of them by tomorrow morning.”

“I see. You said there were five hundred, yes? Where do you intend to live? You will likely have to build a new village.”

“We prefer land where the sun does not shine. There is a great crack in the land ahead. We are thinking of making it our home.”

The bottom of those cliffs. There was a ravine.

“It will be dangerous. Are you quite sure?”

“We will have no problem.”

I see. Well, they were Reapers. I decided not to ask any further.

On the following day, all of the Reapers came down to our village.

They were so pale… The faces of the dead.

And while they all wore identical robes, their heights were all different.

They all had gaunt facial features, and it was difficult to tell them apart. And they seemed to have an equal number of men and women.

And while I knew they were not hostile, I decided to meet them outside of the village, just in case.

However, it seemed like word had somehow gotten out, and many of the villagers had gathered here as well.

But I explained to them that they were our new friends, and they were satisfied with this and left.

“Alright, now that they are out of the way. It’s time for the contract.”


Creating a contract through the Orb of Control required the consent of both parties. However, if it is before a contract has been made, it is possible for the stronger one to make a temporary contract.

The Reapers offered their power.

As I was on the receiving end, I waited. And like that, chunks of mana began to fly towards me.

I took it all in.

There were 521 Reapers in all.

And while I had only acquired a small amount from each one, the overall increase in my mana was great.

“Now that I think about it, Reapers have a higher rank than Ogres.”

It was a bit too late for regrets. But were they really okay with this?

But when I asked them, they all answered that they were. And so I decided that I wouldn’t think about it.

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