Makai Hongi – 217

Chapter 217

There was something called ‘Kodoku.’
It was when you gathered all kinds of poisonous insects and trapped them in one place until they ate each other.

“That’s what’s happening with all these small countries.
But who would survive?
And what would happen to the country that rose to the top?

Lesser Demon King Melvis’s country was weakening.
How long could it last if four countries were attacking it at once?

“It’s possible that it’s already over. …And if so, what has happened to my village?”

It wasn’t something that I wanted to think about. But the whole country might be crawling with enemies now.
It was indeed possible. And so I felt like I had to act.

I should escape from here and meet up with the others. Then we could return to our country.
I had thought about this many times recently.

But if I didn’t get permission from Demon King Tralzard, it would mean going against her.
Would I be killed? Very likely. You became a Demon King because you didn’t allow emotion to get in the way.

“…Alright, I’ve decided.”
“What did you decide?”
Yorba asked.

“I’m getting out of here.”
“Here? Did you get Her Majesty’s permission?”

“No. But I can’t stay here any longer.”
“…That’s not a good idea.”

I had become quite close to Yorba recently.
And so I didn’t want to make things difficult, if possible.

“Sorry, but could you pretend that you didn’t hear that just now?”
“Not hear it? What are you going to do?”

“I’m going to bring it to her directly. I’m going to meet her. And if that doesn’t work, I will use force.”
“You’ll die if you do that.”

“Well, I’m not sure about that. In any case, you didn’t hear anything. Got it?”

I patted Yorba on the shoulder. He was a good guy.
If my talk with the Demon King failed, then I would never return here. It would be goodbye.

I returned to my room and put on my equipment.
The Dragon scale armor, Mana Drain Shield, Deepsea Dragon Sword, and hexagonal club.

The tower was surrounded by high walls, and there were always two guards standing at the entrance.
According to Yorba, while there were only two there, there were others watching as well.

It was the only entrance that connected the tower to the castle.
I knocked on the heavy, locked door. It was locked from the other side.

“What is it?”
A small window opened and the face of one of the guards appeared.

“I want to see Demon King Tralzard. I’m going to get permission to leave this place.”

“…I haven’t heard anything about that. If you want permission, you’ll get it when the time is right. Now go back.”
Yes. This was just what I had expected.

“Sorry, but could you take a few steps back?”
“…What do you mean?”

“I’m going to destroy this door.”
“…Hey, wait! That is a serious…”


Both the guard and the door went flying. And since he showed no signs of getting up, he must have been knocked out.
“What happened? Gah!?”

I punched the second guard in the stomach.

But by the time he too was unconscious, I was already surrounded.
It was just as Yorba had said. There really were others who were quietly monitoring us. And they were quick to act.

“I’ll try to hold back a little, but it still won’t be easy for you.”
I wasn’t sure why I was even talking.

When you were facing a large group all alone, it was best to target the people to the side or the back.
There were the ones who usually had their guard down.

I kicked the one toward the edge and immediately started to run.

“Ch-chase him!”

Mana surged through my legs as I dashed forward.
As the Demon King’s castle was separated into several blocks, it was likely that I would be stopped in one of them.

And so I decided to move randomly in different directions, instead of going straight to my destination.

—Piiii, piiii!

I heard a whistle being blown behind me.
The people who were chasing after me were getting closer.

Running in a wide open area was not a good idea.
“…I wonder if I can get in here?”

It was part of the castle, but I had never seen it before.
It was a little seedy looking.

“I think I lost them for now.”

I entered the building, but had no idea where I was now.
However, my pursuers didn’t know either.

But staying out in the open would make me susceptible to magic attacks, so I had no choice. I would just have to rely on my instincts now.

“Well, it’s fine. It’s probably as simple as going up.”
I wasn’t sure, but it seemed like the right thing to do.

And so I ran around a little until I found some stairs that I could climb.
But there was still nothing in my surroundings that was familiar to me.

“Perhaps I’ve entered the castle from the back.”

My first visit was official, and so I had entered from the front.
But I had a feeling that I was now in the back, where the servants would usually be.

I went up several flights of stairs, and continued to move away from the whistle sounds, and then…
“A courtyard? No, a garden?”

It was probably near the center of the castle. I came out into an open area.
And for some reason…the person that I was looking for was standing right in front of me.

“Demon King…”
It was Tralzard. The very person I had wanted to talk to.

“Did you finally realize that you were right in the palm of Seitry’s hand?”
“I see. It was the timing and the words. I knew there was something.”

“We knew you would escape like this. Even the guards were told the order in how to react.”
“…So it was all planned. You lured me in here?”

“I’m glad that you continue to be quick to understand.”
“I didn’t come here to have a drawn out conversation. I’m leaving this castle. And I’m going back to my country.”

“I knew you would say that. …But what if I said that I wouldn’t let you go without a fight?”
“I never back down from a challenge.”
I had expected this to happen.

“I’m glad that we understand each other.”
Tralzard said with a laugh.

The guards had chased me all of the way here.
Where the strongest person in the country waited for me.

Even a child would understand what would happen next.

“Hey, Demon King.”

“Don’t think the outcome will be according to your plan as well.”
I said with a smirk.

My against the Demon King. It was time for round two.

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  1. Why does she want to fight him so badly? Does she want to awaken him to his ability and gain an ally? Is she being a jersey? Are they using his actions to make a real version of what they rumored happened? Hm.

    As always, thank you for the chapter!

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