Paintbrush Summoner – 28

Queen Mamnak

“They called me queen of the slaves because I was born through absorbing the life of the dying elf slaves.”

Menew listened to Mamnak’s story while busily drawing in his sketchbook with the brush.

While he was working, it would take some time for him to finish, and so he thought that he might as well ask the questions that had been on his mind.

“In order to remember the lives taken when I was born, I have decided to keep it. I have a responsibility to act with nobility and become a hope to the elves who remain.”

“I see. You can be quite impressive, Mamnak.”


“Yes. I see that you are resolved.”

She carried something that weighed more than anything Menew could imagine.

Mamnak had only lived for fifteen years, but the circumstances of her birth, and life after that had made her strong.

The lives taken when she was born. Those who raised her. And those she must protect now.

“But…I think…your world is small. And it wasn’t your fault…obviously.”

He turned the page. Over and over, he drew the same picture.

Ralph kept silent the whole time. Wait, was he sleeping?”

“Small? What do you mean?”

“Just like me, your life has just started. It’s good that you are determined, but life will be filled with fun things as well. Uh…sorry, I’m not very good with words.”

Menew had trouble expressing what he wanted. And so he scratched his cheek with his brush and focused on drawing.

“Queen of the slaves, Mamnak. From what you said, you feel a great responsibility. But have you thought about what you will do when everyone is freed?”

Oh, so Ralph was awake.

And he continued where Menew left off.


“Yes. I don’t know what you intend to do, but Menew will help you escape. Will you still be their queen after that?”

Would she continue to act as a leader?

To be a symbol, to accept and to develop.

The elves looked away. They had lost hope of ever being released, and had not thought of such things.

Even when one of their own, who was so young, took on the name, they had not meant for her to take on that much of a burden.

“Well, I suppose Menew and I will only be involved until you are free…”

“I am…prepared.”

Mamnak muttered.

“I will learn of the outside world, build our country, and protect the people.”

Upon saying these words, the faint amount of magic energy that leaked into the barrier began to react and glow.

“Will you all…do it with me…”

Mamnak said as she looked at the other elves.

They nodded back.

“Once we are freed, we will also do our best to help and guide her.”

Menew was happy about what Ralph said, and that though ignorant, Mamnak was determined to do her best.

If she had the help of the elves who had lived long lives, she would surely be fine. While he could not be responsible for anything, he could at least help them.

“Alright then. I shall leave these, not for one time use, but to be guardians for you.”

After drawing the same picture ten times, Menew finally raised his head.

With the sketchbook in one hand on his lap, he smiled confidently.

The thing that Menew had been drawing…

Sometimes, it was the simple things that were the hardest to draw. However, he had drawn it hundreds of times in the past, and given them life.

“The Grand Medjed March!”

The sketchbook glowed, and the things broke through the walls, ignoring the barrier as they flowed out.

Creatures with round heads and legs…or gods.

They were the popular mascot characters from the anime, Flying! Horus-tan. A host of Medjed from Egyptian mythology.

Faces with only eyes. As for their height, they reached the waist of an adult.

They flowed out of the holes they had made in the prison, and spread throughout the fortress.

He had filled each of the ten pages with them. There were more than a hundred of the Medjed gods, and they started the suppression of the Wind Demise gang.

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Anything Could Be Manifested Efude no Shoukanjutsushi - Kamieshi ga egaitara nandemo gugenka dekimashita- Paintbrush Summoner: When the God Artist Painted

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