My Beloved Dog is the Strongest in Another World – 483

The complaints were heard

“…Mr. Takumi wants to confide in me… What is it?”

Ms. Claire was tilting her head with a puzzled expression, but looked a little happy as well.

“That’s enough talk about me. Why are you here, Mr. Ekenhart and Ms. Claire? Were you not able to sleep in the tent?”
“Hmm? I have no reason in particular. I just wanted to talk to you, Mr. Takumi. It wasn’t that I was feeling lonely in the tent…”
“But Phillip is there as well… Though, he is probably sleeping.”
“It is like that with me. Tilura and the others fell asleep, but I felt like talking… Hehe. It is like the last time that we went to the forest.”

So, neither of them had any business with me, and just came out because they wanted to talk.
While Ms. Claire was one thing, Mr. Ekenhart was with Phillip in the tent, and yet felt lonely… I didn’t know how to feel about that.
As for sitting in front of the fire at midnight with Ms. Claire… It was like the last time we came to the forest.
Only this time, Mr. Ekenhart and Liza were here as well.

“Haha, indeed. Though, at that time, you wanted to apologize after Sebastian scolded you.”
“Oh, Mr. Takumi. Please forget about that…”
“What? Such a thing happened? It is not an unusual thing for Sebastian to scold Claire… But she then apologized to Mr. Takumi?”

Amidst the calm atmosphere, I suddenly brought up the past, much to Ms. Claire’s embarrassment.
Mr. Ekenhart was immediately interested.
As I had no choice, I then began to explain the whole story to him in detail.

“Hmm, I see. Indeed, it is not good for those of our house to wield authority in such a way. So Sebastian was right to be angry.”
“Though, I did not actually feel like I was being forced to do anything. …If anything, it is you, Mr. Ekenhart, who always acts more forcefully.”
“Even if father doesn’t use his authority as a duke, he can be very forceful…”
“It seems like you are blaming me now… Well, it is true that Sebastian often complains, but…”

So even Sebastian would tell him… Well, he did get in trouble when he went with me to Ractos without a guard.
Besides, when deciding to come to the forest, Sebastian had apparently a lot to say to him.
He had only agreed to it on several conditions. That Leo would accompany us, was one of them.

“Sebastian could…be more agreeable when it comes to things that I have planned.”
“That is because you act so impulsively without thinking about the effects, father. …Though I am told that as well…”
“Haha. Sebastian is surely thinking about what’s best for you two. I think…”
“Wuff…? Wou.”

Mr. Ekenhart was now complaining about Sebastian.
As for Ms. Claire, while she had complaints about her father as well, she also began to complain about Sebastian.
Mr. Claire’s grievances were about how he didn’t stop her father, back when he was still bringing in marriage proposals.
That seemed like a long time ago.
I chuckled but tried to defend him. And then Leo raised her head and looked towards the tent. But then she lowered her head again and rested it on her front paws.

Had she detected something…? And then I looked in the same direction.
…I see.
Well, I’m sure it would be fine.

“I think that Sebastian should be kinder to me. He is too rigid in the way that he thinks.”
“Indeed. While he is smart, he could be more flexible.”
“…Oh, is that so? I am rigid and not flexible. …Even though I do my best so that Your Grace and Lady Claire can live comfortably in peace…”

As Mr. Ekenhart and Ms. Claire’s conversation heated up, I closed my eyes calmly.
I suppose I was resigned…
While I sat silently, Leo, who was to my right side, seemed indifferent as well.
Though Liza was completely asleep, and the two were talking louder and louder…she did not wake up. I suppose that was how comfortable she was with Ms. Claire.
I wonder if it was more comfortable than sleeping with Leo?

But just as Mr. Ekenhart and Ms. Claire were in agreement, a strangely cool voice rang from behind us.
And while it was cool and calm, there was power in it as well. And even I felt a chill go down my spine.
Mr. Ekenhart and Ms. Claire stopped talking at once, and let out a soundless gasp.
Well, they hadn’t noticed, so…it was no surprise.

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My Beloved Dog is the Strongest in Another World

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