My Beloved Dog is the Strongest in Another World – 484

I decided to leave them and go to sleep

“It is late. You must be quiet, or you will wake up the others. Unless you do not mind disturbing their sleep, even though it will affect their performance tomorrow.”

Sebastian’s voice was very thorny indeed.
I quickly opened my eyes and looked towards them, they were shaking their head vigorously at Sebastian.

“Well, it is my duty to serve Your Grace and Lady Claire. And so it is not my place to complain. However, to think that you despise me so much…”
“I don’t despise you. It is true.”
“Yes, Sebastian. I am grateful for your services to my father.”
“Mmm. You worked for me even before I was the master of the house. I appreciate your work, Sebastian.”

While Sebastian did not look that angry, Ms. Claire and Mr. Ekenhart were frantic that they had been overheard, and so they tried to explain.
I suppose…Sebastian was playing with them now.

“By the way, Mr. Takumi. It is now time for you to switch places. You could get some sleep, for tomorrow…”
“Huh? Ah, yes. Of course. Yes, I suppose it is that time…”

I looked down at my watch and saw that it was indeed time.
As we had been talking, the time passed by quickly.

“Well then. I shall return to the tent with Liza. …Ms. Claire. Sorry…”
“No, it should be fine. I will carry her. Thanks, Leo.”

When I picked up Liza, I saw that she was fast asleep, and would not wake up easily.
It was probably a combination of being tired, and feeling safe with Ms. Claire.
While Leo had offered to carry her, she was not heavy, so I decided to do it myself.

“So Mr. Takumi is returning to his tent. I suppose I should go as well. I am starting to get sleepy.”
“Yes, father. We will leave it to Sebastian and the others and go to sleep for tomorrow.”

In such times, Mr. Ekenhart and Ms. Claire seemed to think alike.

“I knew that both of you would not want to stay up during the night with me. I shall sit here then, and repent for all the times that I was too intrusive…”
“No, uh. It is not like that, understand?”
“Ye-yes, Sebastian. It is not that I dislike you. In fact, I will stay and watch with you for now.”
“Yes, indeed. Mr. Takumi. We will be here a little longer, so you go back to the tent.”
“Haha…very well.”

From where I was standing, I could see the corner of Sebastian’s face rise into a smile… He surely had got them.
But the other two did not notice.

“…Well, good night.”
“Yes, good night, Mr. Takumi.”

I pretended that I did not see Sebastian’s expression, and then headed back to the tent while carrying Liza.

“You must be tired, Mr. Takumi. …I suppose Mr. Sebastian…will take a little longer.”
“Yes, I think so…”

When I approached the tent, I saw that Nicholas was standing nearby.
As he was paired with Sebastian, he was probably waiting.
Apparently, he saw the situation at the bonfire, as he was chuckling.
Well, it was a quiet night, aside from the shaking of leaves and sounds of the water… So it was no wonder that he was able to hear their conversation.

Regardless, I replied with a laugh and then entered the tent.
Of course, Leo could not go inside of the tent, and so a blanket had been laid out on the ground for her to sleep on.
I put Liza in her sleeping back, and then I slid into my own and closed my eyes.
As I was a little sleep-deprived, I should be able to sleep quickly.

I doubted it would be the same for Mr. Ekenhart and Ms. Claire, as they seemed to be still talking with Sebastian quietly.
If they are too tired, I could give them herbs tomorrow…
I wonder how many hours of sleep they will get…? It was with such thoughts that I fell into a deep sleep.


“Kya! Sherry! You’re splashing too much!”
“Kyau! Kyau!”

I awoke to the sounds of voices outside of the tent.
For a second, I was confused that I wasn’t in my usual room, but then I remembered that we were sleeping in the forest, and I got out of my sleeping bag.
When I looked to the side, I saw that Liza’s sleeping bag was empty. So she had already gotten up.
After all, I had heard her voice just now…

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My Beloved Dog is the Strongest in Another World

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