Paintbrush Summoner – 6

Chapter 6 – Misunderstanding

Mr. Harnes of the Merchants Guild lived in a mansion of considerable size.

And while in his past world, Menew was a shut-in, he would sometimes draw backgrounds for anime.

Bishojou and fantasy anime often had great mansions. And this was certainly a mansion out of a fantasy anime.

He had viewed many images of such houses for references, with their shockingly vast gardens. And he supposed that this was what it was like to be in such a place in real life.

In Japan, most of the houses had small gardens. A lot of Japanese animation was set in the city, and they often depicted the lack of land in a severe manner.

However, after the carriage drove through the gates of Mr. Harnes’s mansion, there were continuous hedges on both sides. It was likely that the estate was quite expansive in both directions.

There was a fountain in front of the path straight ahead, and a round path that surrounded it.

The carriage stopped quietly in front of the mansion. He had never even ridden in a carriage before, and that alone had made him very excited.

Mr. Harnes’s servant then opened the door, and he stepped out. At the same time, the doors of the mansion flung open.

“Welcome back, pa…pa… No.”


He apologized in his heart. Was this person his daughter then?

She seemed to be about seventeen. And she was wearing a simple, light green dress.

She had blonde hair that was tied neatly in the back and in her hand was a staff… Was that a weapon?

(Why is she pointing that staff in my direction!?)

And so he raised his hands to show his will to surrender. A gesture that was recognized in every country…and he hoped, every world.

“Papa! What did you do to him!?”


He said awkwardly.

She had scared him with her weapon before he could introduce himself or explain. Well, he was not that scared.

(Is it because of my status or something…? I have this feeling that I won’t be hurt, try as she might.)

“Lady Valette…! This man saved your father’s life…!”

The driver said frantically.

The girl’s face turned red and then pale… Ah, she drew back her staff.

“I’m sorry!”

“Not at all.”

She quickly bowed her head. But since he was not too scared, his thoughts were more on how she was a good daughter to worry over her father like that.

“Pleased to meet you. I’m Menew, and I’ll be in your care for a while. Unfortunately, I’m currently experiencing amnesia, and am unable to give a more detailed introduction.”

“We-well, I see… Um, yes. Nice to meet you. I am Harnes’s daughter, Valette. I am sorry for my behavior earlier…”

She had shrunk back completely.

As the servant explained the incident to her, Menew took out his sketchbook and quickly sketched a stylized bird character.

The page he had used for magic before was completely white again. And so after drawing the blue bird as a test, he willed it into existence. And then true enough, it became three dimensional.

And it moved as well. It pranced about on top of the page, and then as if reading Menew’s mind, it flew up to land on Valette’s shoulder.

“Oh, how adorable!”

He was pleased to see how delighted she was.

Menew looked down at the sketchbook and saw that it was white again.

(I’m starting to understand how this works…)

That being said, he would still like to have many things explained to him tonight.

Now that Valette was in a good mood, and enlighted on recent events, she turned to him again.

“Sir Menew. So you have lost your memory, have you? And you do not know how to view your own status. Very well, I, Valette, shall do my best to teach you.”

“Uh, yes. Thank you.”

“But first, please come to the drawing room. It is right this way!”

She took him by the hand and returned to the mansion. But she dragged him with great force. How strong was she?

Hey, driver. Stop laughing and help me!

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