My Beloved Dog is the Strongest in Another World – 478

I decided to keep watch, like the last time

Sebastian had asked me to gather some tree branches, but before heading out, I turned to another spot that I had been wondering about.
Near Johanna, who was pitching a tent, I saw that Mr. Ekenhart was trying to pick up a large rock…while his face looked very red.
It seemed like it would be better if he just rolled it. It wasn’t buried in the ground, and was rather rounded.

Phillip was nearby, and Nicholas had been ordered by Sebastian to place some long, round branches on the grounds. So they were probably just waiting for Mr. Ekenhart to give up.
I just hoped that he wouldn’t hurt his back…

“Now, since we are finished with that delicious meal, it is time to talk about who will keep watch…”

After eating Ms. Lyra’s cooking, we sat around the fire and discussed who would stay up tonight.
There was one fire for Mr. Ekenhart and us, and another fire for the servants and guards.
As there were so many people this time, one bonfire was not enough.
Thankfully, we had gathered a lot of branches.

“Since there are many people this time, His Grace, Lady Claire, and Lady Anne can rest without worry.”

There were five guards, and four servants including Sebastian, so they could cover those duties without any problem.
Mr. Ekenhart nodded, and this time, Ms. Claire did not say that she wanted to join.
And while she was not terribly tired like the previous time, she probably knew that Sebastian would stop her if she volunteered.
Of course, Ms. Anne wouldn’t offer to help in the first place.

She had been able to rest after we arrived at the river, but she was clearly still tired.
And so she would probably sleep well in the tent, even if it wasn’t her bedroom.
I had considered giving her some herbs to help her sleep and recover, but it was probably best to not rely on such things.
I would give some to her tomorrow, if she was still tired after sleeping.

“…Mr. Takumi, will you help with watch duty?”
“Uh, are you sure? I thought you would say that there were enough people…”

Sebastian had asked me the question as I was looking around.

“Well, it is you, Mr. Takumi. I was sure that you would feel uncomfortable if we did all of the work. Am I wrong?”
“…No, you aren’t.”

Sebastian said that with a smile.
Indeed, I had felt that way when preparing the tents earlier. I didn’t like to let others do everything for me.
And Sebastian knew it as well.
If they were going to allow me to help, then I would do my best.
Besides, it meant the others would have a little more time to rest.

“Yes, we will accept your help then. Of course, you will be doing it with Leo. Is that alright?”
“Are you fine with that, Leo?”
“I want to be with papa and mama too!”
“Hmm… Can you really stay up? Wouldn’t you rather get some sleep?”

The condition was that Leo watched with me, just like last time.
Though I had improved in my fighting ability, while being trained by Mr. Ekenhart, my detecting ability was still the same.
And so it would be safer if Leo was with me.
When I asked Leo, who was sitting next to me while wrapped around Liza, she raised her head and barked, saying that I should leave it to her.

However, Liza then said that she wanted to join us as well.
While I was happy at the thought…could she really stay up?
She had stayed up late last night, and woken up early this morning.
And there was no reason for her stay up and keep watch here

“I’ll do my best! To be with papa and mama!”
“You can be with us without staying up tonight… Well, fine. But I’ll carry you back to the tent when you fall asleep, alright?”
“Hehe. She sure is fond of Mr. Takumi and Leo.”
“Well, she is that age when you want to be with your parents.”

Ms. Claire had been watching us, and spoke with a laugh.

“Well, we will have Mr. Takumi and Leo take the first watch then. That way, they will not have to stay up very late.”
“Thank you.”

After hearing our conversation, Sebastian decided that we should take the first watch.
And so Liza wouldn’t lose much sleep at all.
After that, no one had any objections, and the order of the others was decided smoothly.

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My Beloved Dog is the Strongest in Another World

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