My Beloved Dog is the Strongest in Another World – 479

I gazed at the fire with Leo and Liza

Leo and I would take the first watch, and then it would be Nicholas and Sebastian.
After them, it was Phillip and another guard. And lastly, Johanna, and another guard.
Each team would watch the fire for about two to three hours, and then they could sleep.
And in the event that there really was a monster nearby, we would ask Leo to deal with them.

I had asked her to do it. Not just because of her detecting ability, but also because there was no doubt that she would be able to deal with them.
Mr. Ekenhart and Sebastian agreed to it as well.
The two other guards who had come with us, seemed rather disappointed, as that was why they had come. But Phillip, Nicholas, and Johanna laughed and comforted them.
After all, they had seen what had happened last time, when Leo had quickly gotten up, defeated the orcs, and went back to sleep as if nothing had happened…
Still, I felt a little bad for the guards.

“The bonfire is strange. The shape keeps changing, doesn’t it?”
“Indeed. Fire does not have a fixed shape.”
“Wuff-wuff. Wuff?”
“No, that’s fine…”

By the time that everyone started to retire to their tents, Leo, Liza and I sat near the fire and started our watch.
As we were on watch duty, Liza had attached her knife to her belt. And she was now staring at the flames.
While we talked about fire, Leo raised her head and offered to do some fire magic.
Did she really like to use magic so much…?

In any case, it might disturb those who are trying to sleep, so I told her not to.
We were on watch duty so they could rest. It would not do to make a scene.

“Ah, that’s right. Liza. How was the forest?”
“It was my first time seeing so many trees! And the smells were so different, and…there were noises coming from far away. Like rustling! Also, birds? The sounds of wings!”
“I think the rustling was probably the wind against the trees and plants. As for birds… I never saw any in the forest. But I suppose they must be somewhere.”

She had talked about the smell as soon as we entered the forest.
I hadn’t heard anything about bird monsters in the forest, and we had spent quite a long time searching the forest the last time, and hadn’t encountered anything like that.
Besides, if they were monsters, they would have likely attacked us or other monsters.

In any case, as Liza had never been in a forest before, everything was interesting and new to her here.
And since there wasn’t much danger in it, I was glad that I brought her instead of making her wait.
Had she remained in the mansion, then she would not have been able to experience all of this nature and beautiful scenery.
She was able to see a river for the first time, and enter it with Leo’s help.

“By the way, Liza. How was the river?”
“Yes, Mama held me securely, so it was fine! Though, I couldn’t swim like her…”
“Haha. Well, you can practice little by little.”

She really had been hanging the whole time, as Leo held her. And since it was her first time, that was enough. Otherwise, she might drown, like Sherry.
Sherry had looked quite sad about not being able to swim, and Ms. Claire had to comfort her when she returned.

In any case, apparently, Liza had also tried to swim, but it had been no use.
It was probably related to the fact that she was still hanging from Leo’s mouth, but I decided to not say anything.
Besides, Leo…well, swam like a dog. I wasn’t sure if Liza should swim like that as well.
There were other ways, like the crawl and butterfly… Well, I suppose she just didn’t know.
Next time, I could teach her… Though, I was not a good swimmer either.

“Haha. Are you sleepy? You don’t have to stay awake, you know?”

After talking around the fire for some time, Liza yawned as if she was tired.
And Leo yawned as well.
While Leo should be fine, it was probably about time that Liza started to fall asleep.

“…No…I want to stay awake. I can’t sleep when you and mama are still up. …I want to be with you…”
“I see… Well, you can sleep whenever you want, okay?”

Liza rubbed her eyes and shook her head, insisting that she was fine.
I could tell from her voice that she was tired, but I respected her decision.
I actually wanted her to sleep, but… I also felt happy that she wanted to stay with us for as long as possible.
Besides, I could just take her to the tent as soon as she falls asleep…

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My Beloved Dog is the Strongest in Another World

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