My Beloved Dog is the Strongest in Another World – 480

Ms. Claire and Mr. Ekenhart came

I looked at the fire and then looked at the nearby tent. It would be easy enough to carry Liza there.
Speaking of the tents, there were more of them compared to last time.
Last time, there were only two, one for men and one for women. But this time there were two for men and two for women.
Me, Liza, Mr. Ekenhart and Phillip would use one tent, while the two guards, Nicholas, Sebastian, and the other butler would use the second one.
And then Ms. Claire, Tilura, Johanna and Sherry would use one tent, while Ms. Lyra and the other maid slept in the other one.

Liza insisted on sleeping near me or Leo. But Leo was too big to fit in the tent, and Liza could not sleep outside.


We were about halfway through the watch now, and Liza seemed like she was at her limits. her eyes were practically closed as she started to doze off.
I looked down at my watch and saw that it was nearly 1 o’clock. If anything, it was impressive that she had stayed up this long.
…I suppose it was time to take her to the tent?

“Liza looks tired? Should I take her back?”
“Hmm? Mr. Ekenhart?”
“And me, Mr. Takumi.”
“Ms. Claire. What happened? Did you have trouble sleeping?”

I had thought that both of them went to sleep…and had not noticed them approaching… I suppose it was because I was focused on Liza.
While I knew that Mr. Ekenhart could be stealthy, could Ms. Claire sneak up on people as well?

After all, she had once snuck out of the mansion without alerting the guards, so that she could go to the forest alone. So perhaps she could do such things a little…
Leo must have noticed them though, as her ears were twitching.
I should be more careful of my surroundings…

“Sister Claire…”
“Oh? What a spoiled child.”

While Liza was still sleepy, she waddled up to Ms. Claire and hugged her.
Even though she was tired, her instincts had made her go to someone who would treat her affectionately.
I suppose it was because of that incident in Ractos. It seemed to have left quite an impression on her.

Ms. Claire hugged her back and then sat down next to Leo.
And then Liza sat on her lap, while still clutching onto her.
While Ms. Claire had sat down, it wasn’t on the ground. She was sitting on one of the logs that had been placed around the fire.

“Haha. It looks like Claire took Liza from you.”
“Well, she is very tired. Ms. Claire, just tell me if she is too heavy. And then I will take her to the tent.”
“Yes, but I’m fine. Liza is very light. …Well, not as light as Sherry.”
“Well, she is a lot bigger than Sherry.”

Mr. Ekenhart laughed as he sat down to my left, where Liza had been a moment ago.
Liza had gone right back to sleep it seemed. Clearly she felt relaxed and at peace when holding onto Ms. Claire and feeling her warmth.

“She got up early this morning, didn’t she? I heard that you were all in the garden.”
“Indeed. She wasn’t able to sleep, because she was so excited about going to the forest… And so she would be tired.”

Mr. Ekenhart must have heard it from one of the butlers.
As he was now asking about us being in the garden early in the morning.

“I see. Tilura was like that too… But Liza might be more carefree. I wonder if it has anything to do with being a beastkin.”
“Father, unlike Tilura, Liza is not here to fight orcs. And with Leo and Mr. Takumi nearby, she has no reason to fear any monsters. I doubt it has anything to do with being a beastkin.”
“Mm? Hmm…indeed. While I told her about the monsters and orcs, she is not actually here to fight them like Tilura. She is with people who can protect her, and feel safe…”
“It is like she is in the forest to play.”
“Indeed. Even though it is supposed to be a dangerous place, normally… But with so many people and good Leo, it does not feel that way.”

While thinking about Tilura, Mr. Ekenhart started to muse about whether Liza’s carefree nature was because she was beastkin.
But Claire rejected the idea immediately.
I didn’t know if she was that carefree, but she was definitely positive.
And while she was not here to fight, she was curious about the forest and enjoying her time in it.
Had she been nervous or had a negative personality, then she would likely not be able to enjoy herself, even if it was safe.

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My Beloved Dog is the Strongest in Another World

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