My Beloved Dog is the Strongest in Another World – 481

I talked about Liza’s situation

“Besides… One of the reasons is that it’s always safe when Leo is nearby…”
“Ah, I think it has more to do with you, Mr. Takumi? Liza is always smiling when she is with you.”
“Really? Hmm. Well, perhaps.”
“You think so too, Leo?”
“Hehe. There is no doubt of it.”
“Hmm What do you mean?”

I looked at Liza and smiled.
Now that I thought about it, aside from the first time I had met her, Liza did smile most of the time that we were together.
If she was that comfortable with me and had so much fun, then I was happy that she called me papa… Leo also barked in agreement.

As Leo, I, and Ms. Claire smiled and talked, Mr. Ekenhart looked puzzled.
I see… While I had explained the situation, Mr. Ekenhart didn’t know what Liza had said after having the rock thrown at her in Ractos.
I had felt quite sad listening to her directly talk about bearing what happened to her in the slums…

“You witnessed already, Mr. Ekenhart, but you know how Liza was being attacked in the slums?”
“Hmm, indeed. I went with you to help her. …Well, in the end, it was good Leo that did everything…”
“But for Liza, it was a daily occurrence. She didn’t know how to leave, and was just trying to survive there after her grandfather died. But no one in the slums was kind to her… Even the children attacked Liza…”
“…Indeed. Even if you want to raise your own position by dominating others, it will be meaningless if you do not grow…”
“Indeed… Well, part of the reason was that Deam told them to, and they did it to survive. But in any case, Liza was all alone after her grandfather died. And it was then that she learned to just bear it.”
“She did not resist?”
“Perhaps she did at first. But it just made things worse.”

I was glad that Liza was asleep while I explained it to Mr. Ekenhart.
After all, I did not want her to remember what had happened in the slums.
I did not want her to feel sad or lonely again.
Well, I know that was impossible, but she should laugh and have fun as much as possible.

“That is…I can imagine that. If you are weaker, then resisting will just make them more angry.”
“Yes. And so she never had a place where she felt safe. She had no house in the slums, and even if she was hungry or thirsty, she had to manage by herself. But also, she had to remain hidden.”

It was not like every single person in the slums were hostile to her.
Apparently, Deam mainly gave the order to children.
There were a lot of people in the slums, and it did not seem like there were many places to hide. As for abandoned buildings, they were used as hideouts by Deam.
Had the adults been following Deam’s orders at all, then Liza would have not even survived there.

It didn’t matter if she was a beastkin, Liza was too young to be able to endure that much.
Well…they probably also knew that the guards might get involved if they went too far. So that’s why they avoided using weapons.
Still, just the thought of it filled me with anger.

“…Leo. It’s in the past. Calm down, okay? We just need to make sure that she is happy now, okay? Besides, Deam was already arrested.”

Next to me, Leo, who had been listening to me, started to bare her teeth and growl.
I understand how you feel, but maybe hold it back a little?
Ms. Claire was one thing, but Mr. Ekenhart looked disturbed…

“No, no. You should have hurt them more? You don’t need to think like that. It was enough.”

If she had done more, then it was possible that he might die.
I had already cut his stomach with my sword, and Leo had pressed his down on the ground so that he could not move… Surely that had been painful enough.
I thought I had heard his bones creek.

There was no reason to show mercy to such people, but it wasn’t our job to punish him either.
I thought that we should leave it to the guards and the relevant institutions.
Thankfully, we were friends with Mr. Ekenhart, who I trusted and relied on.
…Though, there were times when I worried if he was alright, but he was surrounded by capable people, including Sebastian.

“I see… So Liza was never in a place where she felt safe. So that’s why she seems so relaxed when she is with you and Leo.”
“I think it might be the case. And so that’s why Liza doesn’t really care if she is in a forest with monsters. She has been in dangerous places before…and with Leo and me here. I think she finally feels safe for the first time after her grandfather died.”
“I see… Hmm… Indeed…”

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My Beloved Dog is the Strongest in Another World

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