My Beloved Dog is the Strongest in Another World – 482

I kept my promise with the boys

Mr. Ekenhart nodded at my explanation.
He had already known some of the details regarding Liza’s situation, but he now knew as much Ms. Claire and me.
It was possible that there was more, and Liza just hadn’t told me yes, but there was plenty of time for her to tell us.
Besides, I didn’t want her to recall things that she didn’t want to.

“Ah, by the way…Mr. Ekenhart. And Ms. Claire, I have a request…”
“Hmm, what?”
“Me too?”

While talking about Liza, I suddenly remembered something.
it was something I should have talked about earlier…I felt bad towards the boys. I had made a promise, after all.

“When capturing Deam, there were other boys like Mark. They were being threatened by Deam and some other men. I believe the boys were arrested as well, but… If you could lighten their punishment…after all, they did cooperate with capturing Deam.”

It wasn’t as if they were innocent, but they were also still children.
They were just obeying Deam, and so I didn’t think they should receive the same punishment as him.
And so I had promised to speak on their behalf.

“Ah, that. I heard about it in the reports. While they were helping Deam, they didn’t necessarily have a choice in some regards. And so we did mean to give them a lighter punishment.”
“Indeed. It is possible that they will grow from here, and live proper lives. Of course, if they cause problems in the future, they will be dealt with more severely. But there is no need to be so hard right now.”
“I see. Thank you.”

I was relieved, now that I had kept my promise. And then Mr. Ekenhart grinned mischievously.

“Well… If they have the courage, perhaps I can also take them away for some training. It would also work as a punishment of sorts…”
“Father. I don’t think you should be making such young boys participate in your training…”
“What? But Mark, the one who threw the stone at Liza, is going to join. Surely he would prefer it if his friends were there?”
“…Phillip told me about it. It is very painful, isn’t it?”
“What? Phillip told you, Mr. Takumi?”
“Yes. And…it seemed like something that he did not want to remember…”
“Hmm. I suppose I didn’t make him strong enough then. I would have thought he would be proud of it.”
“Father, why would anyone be proud of training that was just painful?”

Mr. Ekenhart really did have a wicked side to him.
That training that had traumatized Phillip. He was considering it not just for Mark, but the other boys as well.
Hmm… Perhaps I had sent them into an even worse punishment. I’m sorry.

“In any case, if they really are sorry, why not send them to the orphanage?”
“That is one way. According to the report, they do not have parents. However…”
“Mr. Takumi. The orphanage is full…”
“Ah, that is right…”

If they were in the orphanage, they would be properly educated. However, when we went there with Liza, they told us that it was full.
Though, they probably wouldn’t reject everyone, and would try to accommodate people, even if they barely fit…accepting several boys from the slums would be difficult.
Hmm…I see…in that case…

“Do you have an idea, Mr. Takumi?”

Ms. Claire asked, as I had fallen silent for some time.
Was my face so easy to read?

“Uh, well… I do have one idea… But I don’t know how realistic it is. In any case, I will tell you once I have gathered my thoughts.”
“Not now?”
“I’m sorry… In any case, I will think about it after returning to the mansion. I promise to consult you then. Besides, I will have to ask Sebastian…”

I was thinking about the boys and going to Range village.
And while Ms. Claire looked a little sulky that I didn’t tell her, I promised that we would discuss it later.

“Mmm…not me then?”
“Well, it could be you as well, Mr. Ekenhart. But aren’t you going to return to your main house?”
“Yes, that is right. …I will likely not be around when you finally gather your thoughts, Mr. Takumi.”

Mr. Ekenhart also looked a little sulky to be left out.
They really were father and daughter… I suppose Tilura would have acted the same way.
Only, Mr. Ekenhart did not look as cute as Ms. Claire.

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My Beloved Dog is the Strongest in Another World

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