Royal Magician – 181

Chapter 181 – Heat

After she returned home, Leticia thought back on the feeling of that hand.

At random moments, it would suddenly arrest her heart and bring her back to that day.

The thought of it made her restless.

It was as if the heat of his hand remained inside of Leticia, and would not go away.

Thinking it strange, Leticia inspected it.

(Why do I think so much about that time?)

However, she could not find an answer.

Such a thing had not happened to her before. She was raised as the precious daughter of a lord, and there were many things she had never experienced.

I don’t know.

But I want to learn.

And so Leticia decided that she would hold his hand again.

Maybe she would be able to learn something.

However, it was not so easy.

After all, he was in the center of a group of rough-looking boys. She had little to do with such people.

It felt wrong to change the distance between them. To change her behavior and approach him.

Besides, she would be embarrassed if someone saw her.

But a chance came suddenly one day.

It was evening, after their lessons. Leticia had returned to the room as she had forgotten something. And then she noticed that he was leaning over his desk and sleeping.

There was no one else there. But just to be sure, Leticia checked the room carefully.

There were no boys hiding in the lockers, or anyone peeping through the windows.

It was just the two of them.

The red light of the sun shone through into the room.

It felt like everyone else in the world had disappeared.

Leticia just stared at him as he leaned over his desk.

His red hair was enveloped in pools of sunlight, while his back heaved up and down.

Her mouth was dry, and she felt herself sweating. She was nervous. This seemed like it was wrong. However, Leticia quietly reached out and touched his hand.

She didn’t know how much time passed. It might have been a while, it might have been an instant. She thought his hand was warm. But she did not really remember.

Still, she pulled her hand away as if she had touched something that was scorching hot. And she clumsily made her way out of the room. She could not stay still.
It was like her heart was going to jump out of her chest.

She ran until the school building was out of sight, and then she fell to her hands and knees.

And like that, she caught her breath. Small white flowers were swaying in the wind.

And they seemed beautiful to a strange degree.

Perhaps this was that thing that they called love.

Leticia was aware of this emotion that existed.

And she was smart enough to realize that this wasn’t just some hesitation or confusion within her. This really was the feeling of being at the doorstep of what other people so often talked about.

But she didn’t know what to do about it.

And so after the incident, Leticia went about her days as if nothing had happened.
Perhaps she was scared.
She would feel quite retched if she were to be rejected.

Had time continued to pass like that, then Leticia would have likely made some decision.

Either she would speak to him, or keep it a secret.

However, things turned out differently.

Something happened that greatly changed Leticia’s life.

Her teacher had left this world, and the school was closed.

She lost that place as if it was suddenly torn away from her.

And so Leticia dedicated her life to getting revenge.

Her emotions had been replaced with burning anger.

But perhaps that had been the first time she was in love.

If there had been no tragedy, they might have become closer. Perhaps she would have even married him.

(No, I doubt that.)

As she was born into a noble family, her house would demand that she marry someone who was considered to be suitable enough.

Her grandmother would have a heart attack if she heard that Leticia had married a commoner who grew up in an orphanage.

So it would not have been allowed anyway. It was good that nothing ever came of it.

(I wonder what he is doing now?)

If possible, she wanted to talk to him as an adult.

A lucky chance reunion where they could talk about their past.

Of course, nothing so convenient would happen.

He probably didn’t even remember her or care about that day.

(That is fine. It only needs to be an important memory for me.)

A choice that couldn’t be made. The remnant of something that was nearly born.

That was more than enough for a foolish person who dedicated herself to revenge.

(And now, this will be the most dangerous job yet.)

One mistake and she might lose everything.

She might not come back alive.

The price might be too great.

Still, if she did not do it, her reckless juniors would put themselves in danger instead.

(And so I have to do this.)

Leticia decided to infiltrate two of three houses that were at the top of noble society in the country—House Albarn and House Eniagram.

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