Royal Magician – 29

Chapter 29 – Emerald Rank

I did not really understand the meaning of that word.

What did he mean, promotion?

Surely they could not be talking about my rank as a Royal Magician.

“From today, you will be Emerald Rank.”

As I was thinking about such things, Captain Gawain unleashed those shocking words.

“Uh, um…”
“Here. Your new pocket watch.”

Emerald. I was handed a pocket watch that was adorned with emeralds.

“Why are you so restless?”
“Um, I’m waiting for you to tell me that this is some kind of prank….”
“Of course, it’s not. Who would do something so ridiculous?”
“But Emerald…that is two ranks up…”
“Yes, it is. Because what you did is deserving of that.”
“Are-are you serious…”

With Royal Magician ranks, the higher you rose, the more difficult it became, and there were fewer people.
There were supposed to be nearly a thousand royal magicians, but more than half of them were Porcelain or Obsidian Rank.
So if I was Emerald Rank, that would put me in the top half in a way.

But rising in rank was not supposed to be this easy.
They must have made an exception to promote me by two ranks…

It really did not feel real, and so I was stunned as Captain Gawain continued.

“Apparently, the Neunzehla empress could not praise you enough. She even called you the glory of magicians.”
“She-she’s too kind.”

I was nothing so grand as that.
I had been so scared of being rude, that I even rejected a gift of gratitude.

‘Not at all. I only did my duty as a Royal Magician of Ardenfeld.’

But perhaps saying such a thing actually gave her an even more positive impression of me.

I was just a commoner, but things were getting quite out of hand…

“And the others in the unit seem to be fond of you. There are no complaints in regards to your conduct. And so you’ve escaped the lowest rank. Congratulations.”
“Ah, but I really don’t mind doing chores, and can continue…”
“You can do as you like, as long as it’s during proper working hours.”
“Don’t think that we don’t know. The vice captain always notices such things.”

That was Ms. Leticia.
I thought that I could do it without them finding out.

“It’s good that you are driven, but don’t overextend yourself. You’ll be compensated for any overtime work.”
“No, no. It’s just something I did without telling anyone.”
“Well, it’s our policy to reward people in proportion to how hard they work. Besides, management is responsible for allowing you to do that.”

Said Captain Gawain.

“Also, here is something from me, personally. Take it.”

He placed a white envelope on the desk.

Mr. Gawain was giving me something…?”
He was being awfully nice today.

Could it be…

“Um, my only goal right now is to be able to make a living while using magic. And so I could hardly start accepting love letters and…”
“That’s not it!”

Oh, I was wrong.
Well, what is it then?

I accepted it.
It was rather hefty.

And inside, there were five large silver coins.

“What’s this for…?”
“A reward from me personally. I always give them out to anyone who does a commendable job.”

Mr. Gawain said with a smile.

“I look forward to seeing what you do next time, Noelle Springfield.”

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