Royal Magician – 130

Chapter 130 – Magician of Time

The man with the black signet ring looked on without emotion at the sight of the magicians fighting bravely to protect people.

“How futile. It is clear that their fighting force is insufficient to hold back so many magic beasts. Had they thought to use the people as bait, then things might have been different. But they could not make such logical decisions, and so they will die here.”

The cruel reality that was spread out before them.

Thanks to the magic barriers that protected the spectators, the damage had not spread far, but it was still a hopeless situation.

There were not enough of them, and the numerous magic beasts were coming in waves.

Just for this district alone, you would need over a hundred magicians to hold them back.
And you would need twenty times as much if you wanted to protect everyone in the venue.

In just a few minutes, the barriers would shatter, and the monsters would flow out and swallow up the city in the blink of an eye.

“Hu-hurry. We must escape as well.”

Said the frantic nobleman.

“There is no need for alarm. Preparations have been made.”

The man with the signet ring then took out a small, glowing stone.

“A great relic that was discovered on the 76th layer of the Dresden Great Dungeon… The Secret Star Stone. A miracle stone that allows you to teleport through charging it with mana. We will be out of the city in an instant.”

The nobleman said with a sigh.
It was just as the man was about to charge the stone with mana.

“So you are the culprits here.”

(What is this strange presence of mana…)

His instincts understood it immediately.

Everything in his body was telling him to use all of his power in order to escape this place.

And so he changed the target to just himself, and activated the stone at the fastest speed.
However, even this action, which he had chosen at once, was not able to make his wish come true.

(It won’t activate…!)

No, it wasn’t that it wouldn’t activate.
The stone itself was no longer in his hand.

“Trying to run away after everything you’ve done here? That would be very convenient, wouldn’t it?”

The newcomer said with a smile.

“The Magician of Time…!”
“Oh? So you know about me.”
“Of course. You’re one of the strongest magicians in Ardenfeld. If you only knew how hard we have worked in order to exterminate you.”
“How commendable. I am honored.
“So, this situation is actually working in my favor.”

Said the man with the signet ring.

“Even if you are the Magician of Time, you cannot protect the people here and fight the monsters at the same time. And so you will die here.”

In the next instant, the magic barrier shattered.

From behind the Magician of Time, a horde of magic beasts attacked.

And ambush from the back.
In just a second, over seventy of the monsters flowed past the barrier.

If one only had to protect themselves, then perhaps there would be hope.

However, if you tried to stop the spectators from being hurt, then the situation would become significantly more difficult to deal with.

(You would need nearly a thousand first-rate magicians to hold back the horde, so that not a single one went through. The inability to cut off the weak will be your downfall.)

The wave of monsters swallowed up the Magician of Time.
On the other hand, the magician with light purple hair quietly activated his magic.


The pieces of broken railing froze in the air.
Layers and layers, the spells were activated one after another, stretching the moment out to the very limit.

It was going so fast that even if you broke through the time freeze, you would not be able to see what was happening.
The countless attack spells that were activated were not particularly difficult.

However, the mana level that surpassed the norm, and the layers of golden spells, was enough to slash through and destroy the bodies of the magic beasts.

In the blink of an eye, the legendary magician had destroyed nearly three hundred beasts that were in the area.
Their senses did not even have enough time to tell them that they were finished.

The man with the signet ring stood there in shock.

(Wh-what is…)

The Magician of Time laughed as cold as ice.

“As the strongest magician in the kingdom, I won’t allow you to kill my coworkers.”

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