Paintbrush Summoner – 5

Chapter 5 – Is getting a base part of the bonus?

“Thank you. Thank you…!”

I passed the soldiers who headed towards the giant troll corpse, and returned to the town. And then the merchant from earlier approached me, and bowed his head as tears streamed down his face.

Uh, your nose is running, mister.

“No, not at all… I didn’t…”

“Rediculous! You not only saved my life! But you saved the town!”

Well, that was because you brought it here…

Of course, Menew did not voice such thoughts, and the townspeople did not bring it up either.

“I am Harnes. I run the merchants guild in this town. And you are…”

After wiping the tears and other fluids from his face, the portly man introduced himself.
Ah, the merchants guild.

This was a man with great influence on the town’s economy, and so the townspeople did not say anything to him about luring in dangerous monsters.

And since he did not seem to be hated, it couldn’t hurt to be on friendly terms with him.

“I am Menew. Uhh… A traveler. Yes, I fell from a cliff and lost my memory. And so I hardly know anything.”

Tonight, he would definitely have to hear some explanations.

Especially that thing, whatever it was, that came out. He really did not understand.

“Like, looking at my status, and things like that. I’ve forgotten how…”

He added, as it really was something that was troubling him. And then Mr. Harnes hit his chest and said that he would take care of everything.

“As long as you reside in this town, Sir Menew, I shall see to it that you are treated well. First, you care to stay with me at my mansion?”

That would help.

But then he realized something.

The letter had been written in Japanese, and he was currently able to converse with others. But, what language was this?

Could he read and write as well?

“Thank you. I was quite at a loss…”

“Unfortunately, I have some duties, and so my daughter will attend to you. And once you are settled in the house, it might be a good idea to explore the town.”

“I’ll take you up on your offer. I truly appreciate your help.”

“You saved my life, after all.”

He started to think that in reincarnation stories, the protagonist showing their cheat in the beginning was part of the bonus.

It was all too convenient, but it explained everything. After all, no one had died.

He then got into the carriage that had come to pick up Mr. Harnes, and like that, they headed to his mansion.

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Anything Could Be Manifested Efude no Shoukanjutsushi - Kamieshi ga egaitara nandemo gugenka dekimashita- Paintbrush Summoner: When the God Artist Painted

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