Strange Dragon – 69

Chapter 69 – Demon Wolf Cubs and Theodore

Hippolius immediately brought its face close to me.
This put its jaw directly onto the floor. Hippolius seemed to like this position.
It was trying to keep its head on the same level as the cubs.

Pii also jiggled while moving close to the wolf cubs.
Both Hippolius and Pii doted on them.


Hippolius sniffed the wolf cubs as they pounced on me.
And Pii petted them gently.

As I played with the cubs, I used the taming skill to interpret their barks.

I could see that the cubs were not afraid of Hippolius or Pii.
That was impressive, considering they were so young.

“Hmm? Are you getting thirsty?”

I put some water in a plate, and placed it in front of the wolf cubs.
Both the drinking water and plate were from my magic bag.

And then the demon wolf cubs immediately started to lap at the water.

“Drink as much as you want. How about some snacks too?”

Apparently, the wolf cubs were hungry as well.
And so I took out some grilled meat, and ground it up before placing it on a plate.

They ate the meat hungrily.

“Kelly said that your meals should be separated into smaller portions.”

As the cubs were still underweight, it was best to give them snacks as well.

“Perhaps I should stock up on snacks for the wolf cubs.”

If I kept it in my magic bag, then I wouldn’t have to worry about it going bad.
And so I petted the cubs gently as they ate their snack.

Once they were done, they started to play with me again.
And then after some time, they waddled off to their toilet.

“Ah, very good. They know to go there now.”

I praised and petted them.

The cubs wagged their tails proudly.

“Alright, now wait over here with the others.”

I put the cubs onto the blanket, so that I could deal with the toilet.
By the time I was finished, the cubs were sleeping soundly.

“Good, good. Sleep well.”

And then I lay down next to them.
They might wake up if I started petting them, and so I had to hold myself back.

And as I watched their gentle breathing, I started to get drowsy as well.

Before I knew it, one of the cubs had gotten up and climbed onto my stomach.
The other two were sleeping while pressed against me.

“You need to get some sleep too.”
I said as I gently petted the cub on my stomach.

The cub played and bit on my finger for some time, but eventually fell asleep as well.

By the time I was starting to fall asleep, Fio and Shiro returned.

“Aye. The wolf cubs are resting now.”

I said, but then the wolf cubs woke up.
It must have been because they smelled Fio and Shiro.


Fio and Shiro petted and sniffed the wolf cubs.
The cubs also barked, ‘Kyun-kyun’ in reply.

And so I left the cubs to them, and returned to my own blanket.
Hippolius and Pii followed me.

And then, Fio stared at me while petting the wolf cubs.

“What is it? Fio?”
“Wuff… Wolf cubs?”
“…You want to give the wolf cubs names?”

Apparently, Fio and Shiro had agreed on this.

“Does that mean you want to tame them? Or just name them?”

Fio was not sure, but Shiro wanted her to tame them.

‘Kyuo. You should tame them.’
‘Piii! Pii agrees.’

Hippolius and Pii also thought that she should do it.

“Hmm. But the cubs are so young.”
‘Kuyo! Being tamed by Theodore means happiness.’
‘Pii too!’
“Thank you. I’m glad to hear that, Hippolius and Pii.”

I said as I gently petted Hippolius.
I felt that way, because most monsters would not say that.
Mostly, it was a matter of advantages when it came to the tamer.
Apparently, my magic energy was appealing to some monsters. I suppose that was related to it.

As I thought about such things, Fio said,

“Wolf cubs, tame!”
“You want the cubs to be tamed too?”
“I see… Hmm, and what do you think, wolf cubs? Do you want to be tamed?”

I asked the wolf cubs carefully.
Apparently, they wanted to be tamed as well.

“I see… In that case, who would you rather be tamed by, me or Fio?”
“Hmm. I see.”

It seemed like they were not sure.
However, Fio opened her mouth.

“Wolf cubs! Theodore tame!”
“You think I should do it?”

Fio said with a nod.

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